Friday, May 3, 2013

Juniors not taking chemistry part of WESTTEST

By: Lexi Martin

      It has been said that junior who did not take chemistry do not have to take the science portion of the WESTEST. Students who do have to take it will go somewhere like the cafeteria to take it. Others will stay in their homerooms and play games and such to pass the time.
      Assistant principal Bev Shatto commented on the matter, “Chemistry is the standard test for juniors and it would be unfair to those not taking the class to take the test.”
      Junior Cassie Toole is “Extremely happy” that she doesn’t have to take the test. She then went on to say “it’s less stress on us during the week.”
      Other students are not as pleased about this. Junior Braxton Morrison went on to say that “It’s unfair that we have to take it and others don’t.”
      WESTEST week will is May 13-16 and the science test for juniors will be on May 16. Those taking the test will be in the cafeteria while others will stay in their homeroom and do productive things like study for finals or the ACT. Some teachers allow their students to play games during this time as well.

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