Friday, May 3, 2013

R.I.P Shain Gandee

By: Leah Johnson
    Shain Gandee had a special quote for his introduction on “Buckwild.” It showed his goofy personality.
   “I’m Shain Gandee and they call me Gandee Candy, because it’s trick or treat all year round,” Gandee said.
   Gandee was a guy from Wolfpen, Sissonville, West Virginia. He was twenty-one years old and was one of favorite cast members on the show because he was fun and outgoing. Gandee died on March 31.His personality was very interesting. He was a guy that loved to try to do new things.He was adventurous, funny, and just loved life. He knew how to have a good time and make you laugh. Shain was a true country boy that loved to go mudding, party and hang out with his friends.
   Unfortunately, Shain died March 31. His Uncle David Gandee, 48, and family friend Robert Myers, 27. After visiting Larry’s Bar in Sissonville Shain, David and Robert were going mudding.They became stuck in the mud and appear to have waited till morning to get help. In the Bronco was in the mud with the exhaust pipe. The guys were passed out and they died from the in their sleep. A family friend, Joey Mulchy realized they were missing more than a day, so Joey went to look for them. Some people saw a car over a hill then he went to look and were in their Bronco dead from carbon monoxide poisoning.
   Shain’s viewing was Sunday, April 7 with the funeral right after. “Buckwild” had a tribute to Shain which aired Sunday, April 14. MTV and “Buckwild” decided to pay for the funeral arrangements for Shain. Although the show was popular the first airing with 2.5 million viewers it has not been renewed for a second season. Gandee Candy was a life-loving guy, who loved to have fun.

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