Friday, September 27, 2013

Girl takes football field

By: Kelsey Shamblin
   Freshman Bronwynn Cox is the only female on the Viking Football Team.
   Cox has been playing football for 7 years.
   Cox began playing football as a second grader for something new to do, and to make her grandmother mad.
   “[Playing with the boys] is cool but, awkward. I just wish more girls would play,” says Cox.
   In the future, Cox would like to continue playing throughout high school and possibly even college if she is allowed. She is unsure if she could play being a female.
   Cox is the receiver for the freshman football team.
   Her friends are supportive of her being on the football team.
   “They think it’s awesome!” says Cox.
   Hitting is her favorite part of playing football.
   “That’s the only time you can hit and get away with it,” said Cox.
   Fans might wonder about complications for a co-ed team like the locker room.
   Cox says, “There’s not really any complications between the boys and I. We have the locker room situation all worked out, and they treat me like one of them.”
   According to the boys, some difficulties are: other teams not taking the fact that there is a girl on the team serious. “The teams always take it as a joke,” said a group of freshman players.
   “She plays very hard, and helps our team a lot,” said Hunter Stephens.
   As the only female football player on the Viking football team, Cox brings prize to the game.

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