Friday, September 13, 2013

Harpold back in blue

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No! It’s senior Drew Harpold streaming down the field as your 2013-14 receiver! Harpold says, “I didn’t play football for my Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior year because I just wanted to enjoy my summers.” He also says, “Not playing for those three years was regretful, and coming back this year made me realize how much I’ve missed it.”  Making his grand return to the football field since middle school, anticipation is to be expected in the stands and on the field.

Not only can you spot Harpold shredding on the football field, but he’ll be tearing it up on the basketball court this winter with the rest of the team.

This will be his last year of athletics until he decides whether or not to continue them in college. Thankfully while on the field and court, Drew has managed to stay in one piece with no major injuries. Harpold says “Summer practices for football weren’t bad at all, they were fun, yet, tough.” Something that not only Drew, but the rest of the seniors had to adapt to and work with is a new coaching staff in which Harpold says “The new staff is a good change, but definitely something to get used to.”

 So get ready Ripley High School students and fans, Drew and the crew are going to be returning to the field on August 30 on our own turf ready to take on Parkersburg South.

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