Friday, September 13, 2013

Homecoming will be MARVELous.

It’s September and the roar of the Ripley High student body tells you that our 2013 homecoming is near. Your adrenaline will be pumping on Friday September 27, and Saturday night as we take on the Huntington Highlanders as our homecoming opponent. Not only do we have the football game, but we crown our victors for Mr. and Miss Viking for each grade. This year your Senior class candidates for Mr. Viking are: Preston Martin, Austin Hall, and Parker Lively. For the girls: Danielle Vealey, Candace Mellen, and Molli Cunningham. This year our Homecoming theme is Superheroes. Be creative and original with your hallways and floats. The homecoming parade will be on Friday the 27 during school as usual. The parade route will be the same as before. The homecoming dance will be Saturday, September 28, DJ’d by Cole Waybright. Remember to submit pictures of your dress to assistant Principal Bev Shatto beforehand ladies, or else you will not be permitted to go to the dance. The Index card rule is being applied for the dance as well. Remember folks, if your grandparents wouldn’t approve, neither will your staff and principles. May the best class win each competition and remember to be creative with your floats and hallways.

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