Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Inside Student Council

When students think of who works to keep this school and its activities organized, they may think of Principal Hosaflook or other faculty members.  Then, after a moment of consideration, they think of Student Council.

Student Council represents the voice of the average kid at Ripley High.  Many times they have spoken up to help give the student body a new activity, privilege, or event, even if the council members have to work tirelessly to make it happen.

This year, Student Council is under a new Student Body President, senior Kelsey Frampton.

“It’s been going really well, and I’m excited to be here for Ripley High School’s 100th birthday,” Frampton says.

Like every year, Student Council is busier than ever.  They have a few new responsibilities as well.

“We’re in charge of the Sweetheart Ball for the first time, and we’re having the dances after football games,” Frampton explains.

The after-game dances are a new feature – a way for students to gather after a football game that doesn’t involve terrorizing any public place in Ripley.  The dances are casual, and the Student Body President advises participants that “If you help pick up trash after the game, you’ll earn a discount on the admission.”

Other yearly events are just as important as new ones.  Student Council is now in charge of the 5-K Walk and Run, organized by the head of the council, student advisor Becky Neal.  They are working with multiple schools, and the event starts beside the track of our own Ripley High School.

Perhaps the most important duty of Student Council is to organize dances and pep rallies to allow students to show their school spirit.  Many surprises are in store this year, particularly from the seniors.

As a final note, Student Council would like to tell you to “participate in class competitions, come to pep rallies, and show your school spirit!  Have a great year, Ripley High!”

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