Saturday, September 14, 2013

Jennings ready to kick off a good season

   Caleb Jennings, Viking Football kicker, and soccer player, is ready to have a good final season.

   Out of his two years of playing, his favorite memory was his first kick last year.  “I was nervous, but it went well.”

   Jennings says that summer training was great, and he likes the new coach.  He thinks the new coach has high energy that works for the team.  Jennings said that summer training consisted of a lot of practice and a lot of weight training.

   Jennings does not have any athletic plans for college, but wants to study pre-med.  Right now he wants to go to the University of Charleston.

   He said that his favorite high school memory is not one thing in particular, but any of memory that involves Ms. Heckert’s class.

   Jennings wants the fans to know that, “I like to kick stuff.”  Clearly he has been assigned the right job.

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