Friday, September 6, 2013

Meet the press: Audra Thomas

Hey y'all, and yes I said y'all.  My name is Audra, and if you don't know, people like to call me 'Audry' just to make me mad.  I am currently a sophomore, 15 and all I do is sports basically.  I did gymnastics for the first half of my life so I always have to be doing something.  Now days I am in basketball (which is now my life), track, and cheerleading.  I ran cross country for two years and next fall I am hoping to play volleyball and cheer.  It's my dream to play college basketball.  I consider myself to be pretty social but I only have a few good friends that I really trust.  When I'm not at practice I'm with them being crazy. They are my bffff's.  Most people probably know this but I am probably the biggest klutz you will ever meet.  I'm constantly tripping and falling over nothing. Oh and I'm also pretty tall for being a girl and that's what a lot people know me for.  Okay well I'm super boring so I think I'm done describing myself. Peace out, A-town.

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