Friday, September 13, 2013

New addition to the football game

By: Audra Thomas
   At Ripley High we have gotten a new blow up football helmet for our football team to run through at the beginning of every game. The blow up is a very exciting addition to football game festivities. We are not the first school in the state to have one; schools like Cabell Midland, Hurricane, and Martinsburg have had this for some time now. This is somewhat exciting knowing that they are some of the best schools in the state in athletics.
   Mayor, Carolyn Rader had the idea for us.  The blow up was donated to us by Harrison and Holmes PLLC who also donated a fog machine to use with the blow up.
   “I thought it would be a cool new idea and something nice for the boys to have,” said Mayor Rader.
   Having this run out is very exciting for our school and football program. We have never had anything like this and it is a new experience for everyone in the school who comes to the games. Watching the team run out and how excited they are sets the mood for the night.
   “It was pretty cool and exciting to see and was a lot better than what we had in the past years,” says fan Jamison Hunt.
   Also, we should thank Harrison and Holmes for donating this to us.  They did not have to do this for us, but they wanted to give back to our team. In addition to that, we need to thank Mayor Rader for everything she has done for Ripley High and without her we would not have any of these luxuries.

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