Friday, September 13, 2013

New assistant football coaches get good reception

   The football team has received a whole new assistant coaching staff this year led by head coach Dave Tenant.  We now have Shane Casto, Kemp Kelly, Arthur Reynolds, Jim Abshire, Luke Parsons, and Vincent Riffe coaching the football team in a hopeful season.

 “All the coaches get along great together and with the team. It’s pretty awesome.” Assistant coach, Luke Parsons, said about his time coaching so far.

   Parsons teaches business classes at the high school, and Casto teaches physical education at Ripley Middle School. The students all have their fingers crossed for a winning season, and with games starting, they’ll soon see if that’s a possibility. Senior football player, Cody Harris, speaks about his team and the new kinship they’ve formed with the coaches.

   “All of us are getting along pretty good with the new assistant coaches; they’re good guys and Coach Kelley’s pretty cool.”

   Many students are in the dark when it comes to hiring new coaches. Can anyone become one? What determines who is qualified enough for the job? If it’s between someone with a teaching certificate and someone that doesn’t have one, the person with the certificate will get the job because they’re already in the system.


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