Friday, September 13, 2013

Newly installed security system protects students from possible threats

            The new security system in the school was installed this past summer to protect students and staff from possible threats. With the new security system installed, visitors must come through the senior doors and are buzzed in by the main office.
“Every door locks and there are hardly any inconveniences with the system other than at times it gets hectic in the office,” said secretary Kristy Sayre.
According to principal Will Hosaflook, the number of buzzes per day averages at about 500, which is a combination of both students and visitors.
Student tardies are minimal, with most of them occurring in the morning during first period. When computer teacher Tonya Ball’s fourth period class was asked if the new security system has caused any inconveniences for students and staff, there were none except for the senior doors that have only small windows at the top of them and that occasionally causes people to get hit by the doors coming through on the other side. If a visitor is signing a student out, they must wait for them inside of the senior doors. If they need to go to the counselor’s office, someone will walk them there. If the visitor needs to talk to one of the teachers, they must sign in inside the office so that they know they’re on campus.
Finally, there is a red button that, if threatened, can be pressed to lock down the entire building. In this situation, no one’s cards work except for emergency personnel. If the red button is pressed, it will automatically call 911.

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