Friday, September 27, 2013

Ripley High auxiliary hopes to maintain their first place reputation this year.

In the summer, you can always catch the Ripley High auxiliary working hard,while during the winter, concert season, the girls play their instruments. During the whole summer they’re putting blood, sweat, and tears into getting their routines perfect. This year the 2013-14 auxiliary captains are Tori Quick, and Kelsey Frampton.

It all starts about two weeks after school let’s out when the band begins its summer practices. Marching season starts off learning the routine and music for the Fourth of July parade. When the whole July fourth celebration is said and done, the girls hop straight into Auxiliary camp.Auxiliary camp is three days long. The girls have practice from early in the morning to around two in the afternoon, and the girls learn the whole field show.  Mrs. Poole’s daughter Cayla comes in from New York for a few weeks over the summer to teach girls their choreography for the show. One of the newest members of the auxiliary, Samantha Border says,

“It was a long week, but it was totally worth it because I got to make lots of new friends.” 

As most people know, the field show this year is “Civil War Suite.”During the bands performance, the auxiliary never stay in one place. They’re constantly moving all over the field while the band is making their formations. The girls usually do two flag routines and use other props throughout the show. It is such a long process to learn these the moves and routines because they only have half of the summer and after school practices to get things polished up for performances. The props this year include cloth material where the girls do partner work in a dance. Junior Elizabeth King says,

“I like all the props this year, but the material is my favorite.” Elizabeth also has a flag solo where she dances with senior, James Lanham.

This year the band has three competitions, plus Vikingfest. The band doesn’t compete at Vikingfest in competition because they’re the hosts. The band will only perform as exhibition, as previously done.  Their first competition is Saturday, September 21 at Cabell Midland. Last year at the Cabell Midland festival, the auxiliary won first place in their class, so they’re hoping to keep up the good work this year.

The Ripley Viking band is in the biggest class which includes competitors such as GW, Cabell Midland, Winfield, Spring Valley, and Capitol.Other bands in our class like Cabell Midland and Winfield are doing shows that include topics on war as well. The bands biggest rival is Cabell Midland and has been for quite some time. The band’s competitions this year include in order, The Pumpkin festival at Cabell Midland, The Wayne High school festival, Black Walnut, and our very own Vikingfest. However, everyone’s favorite competition to come watch the band at is the Black Walnut festival in Roane county, where the Vikings have previously won Grand champion and hope to have that title again this year. Captain Tori Quick says,

“My favorite part of Black Walnut is hanging out with friends during our free time and definitely the food.”

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