Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tolley talks football, senior year

            Senior Brandon Tolley is starting his final year of football on the Ripley Viking team.

            “I always look forward to it and hope it goes well,” Tolley says.

            Tolley has been playing for five years in the positions of slot receiver and strong safety.  He has acquired many great memories over the years, but says his favorite is definitely starting Varsity during his junior year.  He has also been fortunate enough to avoid major injuries, which is always a plus.

            As for the new staff overseeing the team, Tolley doesn’t mind the change.

            He says, “It’s a new experience, and I like the energy of the new staff.”

            When it comes to high school in general, Tolley is enjoying being part of the senior class.  When he isn’t training for a game, he enjoys just hanging out with friends.

            The question every senior has to answer is, “What do you plan to do after high school?”  Tolley’s answer:  “I plan on attending a four-year college, but I still haven’t decided where.”  As of yet, he has no plans for athletics in college.

            Whatever the future holds, Tolley is ready to make this football season a great one.

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