Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall line-up of shows that will entertain

   Many very entertaining shows are coming to television this fall.  Some are spin-offs from popular shows while others show relatable family dynamics or have movie-star casts.  “Pretty Little Liars” is a very well-known suspenseful series. If you love this mystery drama, you will also love its spin-off, “Ravenswood.”  This new show is about five strangers whose lives are changed because of a deadly curse that has plagued their town for generations.  Tyler Blackburn, who plays Caleb in “Pretty Little Liars” is one of the main actors in “Ravenswood.”  The show introduces new characters such as Miranda, played by Nicole Anderson, and Luke, played by Brett Dier.  This is classified as a teen drama, mystery, and thriller.  “Ravenswood,” premieres October 22 at 9:00 pm on ABC Family.

   If you enjoy relatable comedies, then you will love the new show “The Goldbergs” on ABC.  This series is about a typical family in the 80’s, just with a lot more screaming.  The hot-tempered dad, Murray, is played by Jeff Garlin from “Curb your Enthusiasm.”  The mom, Beverly, smothers the geeky 11-year old son and the typical, emotional, 17-year old daughter, Erica.  The show introduces previously little-known actors.  It is directed by Seth Gordon, who also directed “Identity Thief” and “Horrible Bosses.”  “The Goldbergs” premieres September 24 at 9:00 pm.
   On CBS, a brand new comedy series called “The Crazy Ones” will make you laugh.  Simon is the head of a powerful agency with the biggest clients and brands in the world, but more important to him is that his daughter is by his side.  Robin Williams plays Simon, the dad and head of the agency.  Robin Williams is known for comedies such as “Jumanji” and “Mrs. Doubtfire.”  Sarah Michelle Gellar plays Simon’s daughter, Sydney.  Sarah Michelle Gellar was Buffy in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.  With many famous actors and a funny plotline, “The Crazy Ones” is expected to be a powerful new TV series.  It premieres September 26 at 9:00 pm.

   There are many new and entertaining shows premiering this fall.  Many that will make you laugh and put you on the edge of your seat.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Girls of fall cheering us on

By:  Baylee VanKirk, Audra Thomas, Kelsey Shamblin, and Tyler Barickman
   Fall Friday nights are filled with excitement in Jackson County.  The Ripley Memorial Stadium fills up with fans anxious to watch football.  The players are important, but the crowd would not be as nearly excited without those cheerleaders yelling their hearts out to get the crowd amped up.
   Coach Kelli Fisher and her cheerleaders work hard all summer to perfect all of the cheers that you hear at the games.  With 18 girls coming out this year for the squad, the youth look for leadership. They are led by five seniors: Captain Kelsey Casto, Co-Captains Ali King, Regan Parsons, then Reese Gandee, and Daryn King.
  “The squad looks good this year.  We have new and old faces around to keep it balanced,” stated Casto.
   Having new girls this year means they will have harder stunting and more tumbling than last year. This adds excitement to what you will see on the sidelines.
   “I like it a lot.  We get more done than in middle school.  There are better cheers” says freshman Haley Carson.
   Cheering is not the only thing these girls do on Fridays.  Six members of the team are also in the band, and one runs cross country. It takes time and dedication to do both of these activities. Cheerleaders are looked up to by the little girls who attend the games, and our cheerleaders show great spirit and pride!

   Watch for these girls on Friday nights, either home or away, to keep the fans into the game.  Also they compete in November for conference and regionals. They will be with you all season to keep you entertained during the game.

Monday, October 7, 2013

New teacher Summers shines for social studies

   There is a new face among the social studies and world history teachers of Ripley High:  Sarah Summers, who is honored to start her first year of teaching at our school.

   “I’m excited to work here!” Summers said.

   Summers graduated first from Grafton High School, then West Virginia University.  She has always liked history, and decided to pursue a career that would let her show other students its values.

   She explained, “I like learning about places and people.”

   After graduating with a teaching degree, Summers came to Ripley, eager to teach what she had studied, and was given a warm welcome by the students and staff of the school.

  “I came to Ripley because it’s a town filled with nice people,” Summers says.  “It has a friendly, welcoming, small-town feel.”

   She is now enjoying her new job.  She plans her lessons a week in advance and tries to make history fun for her students, rather than the usual bookwork.  In her free time, she enjoys activities such as travelling, biking, and scuba diving.

  Summers and her students are confident that this will be a great school year.

New teacher Moore brings experience to job

   Students in shop or drafting have been learning the name Dave Moore, the new instructor in those classes.  Others will already know him from his time in the Board Office.  Either way, Mr. Moore is certainly not unlearned in his field.

   “I have been teaching for 21 years, and I was in administration for six,” Moore says.

   Moore was an equally dedicated student, graduating first from North Marion High School, then Fairmont State University and Marshall University.  His favorite subject was always drafting.

   “I like to design and build homes, and I like architecture and hands-on work,” he explains.

   After graduating, Moore began his teaching career.  He was teaching in Virginia when he received a request to bring his expertise to Ripley High.

   He now spends the school days setting up lessons and demonstrations for his classes.  Out of school, he enjoys woodworking, fishing, and hunting.  He is married and has two kids.

   Fun fact:  one of his own children is Logan Moore, who graduated last year and was on the newspaper staff.

   Moore is looking forward to the rest of this year, in the school and community alike.

   “I like that it’s a small town where everyone seems to know each other,” he says.  “It’s just a great place to live.”

Friday, October 4, 2013

Effort to reduce concussions in football

By: Jacob Bailes

   Football officials at both the high school and professional levels are trying to reduce the possibility of injury or death from concussions by helmet-to-helmet contact. Reducing concussions in sports has become a top priority because people who receive a concussion are twice or three times as likely to suffer from another one.
   A 16-year-old died in New York over the weekend of September 13 due to a helmet-to-helmet collision during a high school football game. Damon Janes, a junior running and defensive back at Brocton-Westfield High School, was sent to the hospital after originally walking to the sidelines under his own power. He was in critical condition for three days before passing away from his injuries on September 16. According to the National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research at the University of North Carolina, this is the second death like this in less than a month.
   Football is the most common sport to suffer a concussion, and it is estimated that 47% of athletes do not report feeling any symptoms after a concussion. Fewer than 10% result in blacking out which is why many concussions go unnoticed.
   In response to this, Impakt Protective has created a device called the Shockbox. It is a helmet g-force sensor that measures the level of intensity from a hit that an athlete has suffered and whether medical assessment is needed. If an athlete is hit too hard, an alert is sent to a mobile device via Bluetooth. It can support up to 128 Shockboxes with a single phone, allowing coaches to monitor the number of severe hits the team has suffered. While this technology can be really helpful in the effort to reduce injuries, many players won’t want to use it for the fear that coaches will take them out if they’ve been hit too hard.
   Physical trainer Steve Lough uses the ImPACT evaluation system which is a computer-based cognitive test that analyzes athletes in the pre-season and then again if they may have suffered a head injury to determining safe return-to-play decisions. It is suggested that athletes be tested once every two years but Lough does it once every year to be safe.
   “It’s important that you have someone who is able to interpret the tests so that you can understand them. The tests are worth it because you’re able to help and protect the athletes,” he says.
   It is estimated that high school athletes suffer anywhere from 136,000 and 300,000 concussions every year. It is important to spot a concussion quickly because these traumatic incidents can lead to cognitive impairments and many other long term consequences.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thompson comes back to alma master as teacher

   Rikki Thompson is a new teacher at Ripley High School this year. She graduated here and recently came back as a long term substitute science teacher.
   Thompson has always appreciated teachers who are willing to help others. Here in a small town, that is possible she says.
   This year is her first experience of teaching. She is usually reading textbook and making power point slides for her class.
   Thompson’s favorite teacher was Barb Heckert, her biology & chemistry teacher.
   “She was good teacher and I liked her class” Thompson says.
   Thompson has a husband but no kids. Her hobbies are attending Marshall football games and basketball games.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lady Vikings Soccer Focuses on Teamwork

   The Lady Vikings soccer team is filled with excitement both on and off the field. Though they lost their game August 23 against Woodrow Wilson, they were successful the following day with a win against Poca.
   Senior Tori Quick says the main goal is “To have a successful team, and have fun.”
   The senior players include Quick, Kaitlin Chinn, Molli Cunningham, Erica Gibson, and Elizabeth Knox. The star players perform under coaches Missy Ross and Delaire Carter. Gibson is confident that the girls will go on to win more games and have a better season that the previous years.
   “We practice a lot, come together as a team, and work hard. Before every game, the team forms a circle to say the Lord’s prayer," Gibson continued to say that their two wins against Poca have been due to team work and perseverance from every member on the team.
   The loss against Woodrow Wilson was a shock for the girls, but Gibson thinks they will be able to bounce back with the same vigor that they used to beat Poca.
   Quick is sure that the season will be one to remember. “So far we have been doing really well. Our team communicates and that helps us play better.”
   Junior Callan Banks says, “I’m looking forward to the progress we’re hoping to make this year and the memories we’ll make.”
   Banks along with many other players all agree that their most difficult game opponent this year has been George Washington High school. The girls next game of the season will be against Riverside high, at Riverside. With all of the positivity surrounding the lady Vikings, it is clear that this season will be special for the senior players and everyone else on the team.

Mike Reed inducted into football hall of fame

By: Lexi Martin and Samantha Miller
   Coach Mike Reed is being honored as a coach by being inducted in the Ripley High School Football Hall of Fame after doing the job for 24 years.
   “It’s a nice gesture and an honor that [proves] you put an impact on athletes’ lives… that they can honor you like that,” Reed reflected on his induction.
   Ripley has a hall of fame for baseball and football. The Football Hall of Fame began in 2003 with an average of five to six people inducted each year. The first inductees were James Abshire, Bill Casto, Howard Chancey, Paul Lanham, and Marcus McPhail. The latest inductees were in 2011: Brian Hussell, Dale Hartley, Ernie Moore, Red Hill, and Steve McMillion.
   Game announcer Mike Reuben serves on the athletic boosters committee that chooses who is inducted. There are usually five people inducted, one for each home game, but this year is different. Celebrating 100 years of Ripley High, the Hall of Fame committee decided to induct six former athletes.
   Reed also has a history of playing sports. He played baseball, football, and ran track for Dunbar High School. After high school, he then went to Glenville State College and played sports there as well.
   “Sports got me through college. My coaches cared enough to watch over me,” Reed commented.
   Reed was a junior high head coach for four years, then coached Ripley High School varsity football with Coach Frank Marino for 20 years. He has been teaching for 36 years and is retiring at the end of the school year.

   Reed was inducted Friday, September 20 during the Vikings’ game against Spring Valley. It is clearly a well-deserved honor.

Apple announces new iPhones and iOS 7

By: Jacob Bailes

   Apple announced two new versions of the iPhone set to be released in the U.S. September 20, including the 5s and the 5c. The new operating system, iOS 7, announced in June, is set to be released September 18.
   The new iPhone 5s will include a 64-bit A7 processor which is twice as fast as the previous iPhone 5. It will also include a fingerprint scanner that will tighten security while reducing frustration caused by traditional passcode entry. While the iPhone 5s will have the same screen size, resolution, and 8-megapixel camera as its predecessor, it will now include a larger sensor, improved flash, and a 1080p front-facing camera along with many other improvements such as better battery life. Apple also announced that the 5s will come in three luxurious colors: grey, gold, and silver. As always, it will come in 16, 32, and 64GB costing $199, $299, and $399, respectively.
   Apple’s new, cheaper version of the iPhone is made to target a more budget-friendly audience than the more expensive iPhones before it. The iPhone 5c will come in five pastel colors: white, green, blue, pink, and yellow. It is designed with a polycarbonate back with a steel frame underneath. Like the 5s, the 5c will also have an improved front-facing camera and longer battery life. The 5c will come in 16GB for $99 or 32GB for $199.
   The new operating software iOS 7 will completely change the look of Apple devices, a first since the phone was born in 2007. As far as the design goes, the icons and apps have a flat, pastel look and when you move the device, there’s a 3D effect that makes your wallpaper appear to be distanced behind the icons. A new control center will allow you to access your most used settings with ease from any screen, such as the Wi-Fi meter, brightness, airplane mode, and music controls.
   Another big change is the introduction of AirDrop, which allows you to share files with those around you who are also operating on iOS 7 or make you invisible to nearby iOS 7 users.
   A revamped camera and photo app also includes the ability to frame your shot, such as a panorama or square Instagram-like format. With iOS 7, Apple organizes photos as different times and sorts them by location as well.
   Lastly, one big change with iOS 7 is the introduction of iTunes Radio that works similar to that of Pandora or Spotify. It will be free to use and ad-free for iTunes Match users. Many other differences include changes to Siri, FaceTime audio, automatic updates, multitasking, and many others.

   Bob DeFrank’s fourth period served as a sample of the student body in admitting three-fourths own an iPhone already, however, only a fraction of those said they were upgrading to a new iPhone because they said the cost just wasn’t worth it.

"How I Met Your Mother" starts final season

   The audience of “How I Met Your Mother” should be ecstatic now that the final season has kicked off with a two episode premiere September 23 on CBS.

   In the previous season, Barney and Robin got engaged, Robin freaked out over her wedding, Lily and Marshall adjusted to having baby Marvin, Lily and Marshall also were confronted on the Rome vs. Judge Issue in the finale, but most importantly we got to see the Mother!  If you missed her, she is the bass player for Robin and Barney’s wedding (actress Cristin Milioti will be playing her).

   In the premier, we see how Lily met the mom on a train.  The mother offered her a cookie and they joke around a bit.  Marshall is stuck in the airport after taking the judgeship and is still trying to figure out how to tell Lily.  Ted is with Lily and they argue which causes Lily to leave and meet the Mother.  Barney and Robin are on their way to the wedding.  In the second episode, Marshall finds a way for Marvin and him to get to New York (they share a car with the lady that got kicked off the plane with them).  Barney’s brother gets a divorce, but Barney realizes that this won’t cause his and Robin’s marriage to fail.  We also see a flash forward of Ted and the Mother at the Farhampton Inn a year from now.

   Viewers will hopefully see in the final season the final slap bets, Barney and Robin’s wedding, and getting to know the Mother’s character.  It is confirmed that the Mother will be a regular on the show.  It is also confirmed that the whole final season will take place during the wedding preparations, and we will see how everyone gets to know the Mother before Ted.

   Though it is exciting to finally see the end of probably the longest romance story every created in a sitcom, it is bittersweet to see it go.  I can honestly say that “HIMYM” is my favorite show.  The show is witty, incorporates symbolism in a fascinating way (for example, in previous season the yellow umbrella showed that the Mother was there), and just the whole plot is genius.

   If you have never seen the show, it is good to know that “HIMYM” is a show where Ted Mosby is telling his children how he met their mother, hence the name.  Every episode is a mini story in his big story.  The show tells how Ted’s friends go through the journey with him.  Even though some stories are more about life, it all adds to the plot of how he met their mother.

   My favorite, and some of the best moments on the show were:  the gang performing the “Suit Song,” “the Rabbit vs. Duck debate,” “Slapsgiving,” and “The Pineapple Story.”  For non-viewers, the “Suit Song” is a dancing/singing part in an episode about Suits.  Barney Stintson, a character on the show, is Ted’s self-proclaimed best friend who is a womanizer that always wears suits.  “The Rabbit vs. Duck” debate was an argument where the gang was trying to decide if this visual allusion was a duck or a rabbit, which then turned into a debate whether a rabbit is better than a duck.  This argument influences Robin Scherbatsky’s, Ted’s friend/ex who is from Canada and a news reporter, view on a man she was dating.  “Slapsgiving” is the Thanksgiving special where Marshall Eriksen and Barney make a slap bet (where Marshall can slap Barney at any time without a heads-up).  Finally, “The Pineapple Story” is where Ted tells his kids of how he got drunk and woke up with a butterfly tramp stamp and a Pineapple on his bedside table.  In this episode Ted meets a woman who is not the mom, but they do get engaged, Stella.

   Even if you have never seen “HIMYM,” many channels play reruns.  FX, the CW, and CBS all show it.  Many if not all seasons are now on DVD as well.

   “HIMYM is on CBS and is on at 8:00 PM.  Be sure to watch the final chapters, on what we thought was a never ending love story, of how Lonely Ted finally meets his children’s mother.  I’m sure those poor kids are tired of sitting on that couch as well!