Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"How I Met Your Mother" starts final season

   The audience of “How I Met Your Mother” should be ecstatic now that the final season has kicked off with a two episode premiere September 23 on CBS.

   In the previous season, Barney and Robin got engaged, Robin freaked out over her wedding, Lily and Marshall adjusted to having baby Marvin, Lily and Marshall also were confronted on the Rome vs. Judge Issue in the finale, but most importantly we got to see the Mother!  If you missed her, she is the bass player for Robin and Barney’s wedding (actress Cristin Milioti will be playing her).

   In the premier, we see how Lily met the mom on a train.  The mother offered her a cookie and they joke around a bit.  Marshall is stuck in the airport after taking the judgeship and is still trying to figure out how to tell Lily.  Ted is with Lily and they argue which causes Lily to leave and meet the Mother.  Barney and Robin are on their way to the wedding.  In the second episode, Marshall finds a way for Marvin and him to get to New York (they share a car with the lady that got kicked off the plane with them).  Barney’s brother gets a divorce, but Barney realizes that this won’t cause his and Robin’s marriage to fail.  We also see a flash forward of Ted and the Mother at the Farhampton Inn a year from now.

   Viewers will hopefully see in the final season the final slap bets, Barney and Robin’s wedding, and getting to know the Mother’s character.  It is confirmed that the Mother will be a regular on the show.  It is also confirmed that the whole final season will take place during the wedding preparations, and we will see how everyone gets to know the Mother before Ted.

   Though it is exciting to finally see the end of probably the longest romance story every created in a sitcom, it is bittersweet to see it go.  I can honestly say that “HIMYM” is my favorite show.  The show is witty, incorporates symbolism in a fascinating way (for example, in previous season the yellow umbrella showed that the Mother was there), and just the whole plot is genius.

   If you have never seen the show, it is good to know that “HIMYM” is a show where Ted Mosby is telling his children how he met their mother, hence the name.  Every episode is a mini story in his big story.  The show tells how Ted’s friends go through the journey with him.  Even though some stories are more about life, it all adds to the plot of how he met their mother.

   My favorite, and some of the best moments on the show were:  the gang performing the “Suit Song,” “the Rabbit vs. Duck debate,” “Slapsgiving,” and “The Pineapple Story.”  For non-viewers, the “Suit Song” is a dancing/singing part in an episode about Suits.  Barney Stintson, a character on the show, is Ted’s self-proclaimed best friend who is a womanizer that always wears suits.  “The Rabbit vs. Duck” debate was an argument where the gang was trying to decide if this visual allusion was a duck or a rabbit, which then turned into a debate whether a rabbit is better than a duck.  This argument influences Robin Scherbatsky’s, Ted’s friend/ex who is from Canada and a news reporter, view on a man she was dating.  “Slapsgiving” is the Thanksgiving special where Marshall Eriksen and Barney make a slap bet (where Marshall can slap Barney at any time without a heads-up).  Finally, “The Pineapple Story” is where Ted tells his kids of how he got drunk and woke up with a butterfly tramp stamp and a Pineapple on his bedside table.  In this episode Ted meets a woman who is not the mom, but they do get engaged, Stella.

   Even if you have never seen “HIMYM,” many channels play reruns.  FX, the CW, and CBS all show it.  Many if not all seasons are now on DVD as well.

   “HIMYM is on CBS and is on at 8:00 PM.  Be sure to watch the final chapters, on what we thought was a never ending love story, of how Lonely Ted finally meets his children’s mother.  I’m sure those poor kids are tired of sitting on that couch as well!

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