Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mike Reed inducted into football hall of fame

By: Lexi Martin and Samantha Miller
   Coach Mike Reed is being honored as a coach by being inducted in the Ripley High School Football Hall of Fame after doing the job for 24 years.
   “It’s a nice gesture and an honor that [proves] you put an impact on athletes’ lives… that they can honor you like that,” Reed reflected on his induction.
   Ripley has a hall of fame for baseball and football. The Football Hall of Fame began in 2003 with an average of five to six people inducted each year. The first inductees were James Abshire, Bill Casto, Howard Chancey, Paul Lanham, and Marcus McPhail. The latest inductees were in 2011: Brian Hussell, Dale Hartley, Ernie Moore, Red Hill, and Steve McMillion.
   Game announcer Mike Reuben serves on the athletic boosters committee that chooses who is inducted. There are usually five people inducted, one for each home game, but this year is different. Celebrating 100 years of Ripley High, the Hall of Fame committee decided to induct six former athletes.
   Reed also has a history of playing sports. He played baseball, football, and ran track for Dunbar High School. After high school, he then went to Glenville State College and played sports there as well.
   “Sports got me through college. My coaches cared enough to watch over me,” Reed commented.
   Reed was a junior high head coach for four years, then coached Ripley High School varsity football with Coach Frank Marino for 20 years. He has been teaching for 36 years and is retiring at the end of the school year.

   Reed was inducted Friday, September 20 during the Vikings’ game against Spring Valley. It is clearly a well-deserved honor.

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