Monday, October 7, 2013

New teacher Summers shines for social studies

   There is a new face among the social studies and world history teachers of Ripley High:  Sarah Summers, who is honored to start her first year of teaching at our school.

   “I’m excited to work here!” Summers said.

   Summers graduated first from Grafton High School, then West Virginia University.  She has always liked history, and decided to pursue a career that would let her show other students its values.

   She explained, “I like learning about places and people.”

   After graduating with a teaching degree, Summers came to Ripley, eager to teach what she had studied, and was given a warm welcome by the students and staff of the school.

  “I came to Ripley because it’s a town filled with nice people,” Summers says.  “It has a friendly, welcoming, small-town feel.”

   She is now enjoying her new job.  She plans her lessons a week in advance and tries to make history fun for her students, rather than the usual bookwork.  In her free time, she enjoys activities such as travelling, biking, and scuba diving.

  Summers and her students are confident that this will be a great school year.

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