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Meet Jared

Hello, I'm Jared Casto, I'm a senior at Ripley High, and this is my second year on the Viking Press staff. This year, I am the ed Some of my hobbies include writing, listening to music, and consuming more television than should be humanly possible. I frequent Twitter where I talk about nothing important and complain about things that no one cares about.

iPad Air floats to success with lighter, thinner design

   Around the holidays, many people enjoy all the new technology that companies release.  One very popular new product that flew from store shelves this Christmas was the iPad Air.

   Personally, my experience with technology only goes as far as DVD players and Tracfones.  Up until recently, the only iPad I ever held in my hands was the one they had on display at the store.  But don’t take that as a reason to stop reading this article.  Having recently borrowed an iPad from a friend, I feel I can now describe it to those of you who may also be new to the product.

 Apple released the iPad Air November 1.  It is the successor of the iPad 4 and has fairly similar features.  The iPad Air was named as such because it is thinner and weighs less than previous iPads – only one pound, making it less awkward and easier to hold.  It holds approximately 10 hours of charge, the same as the iPad 4 was supposed to hold, though I have heard that the Air tends to hold more charge than the iPad 4.

   I found this product to be enjoyable and easy to use, even for me.  The screen was bright and clear, though not so bright that it gives you a headache.  Images were sharp.  It was equipped with dual speakers for excellent sound.  It performed tasks quickly, and true to its name, it was light enough to hold in one hand.  Using it is fairly straightforward, as long as you don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by it.  Don’t panic at the sight of a dozen buttons.  It’s an iPad, not a bomb.

There is an app for most everything in the world (or about 900,000 things), and the iPad Air is a great device to take advantage of them.  Games, taking pictures, and browsing the web are easy, and everything works nearly instantly.  Of course, many thousands of apps are considered pointless, but the ones that come with the iPad Air are basic and useful.

   If you still aren’t running to the nearest store to get an iPad Air, at least consider becoming familiar with them.  Borrow a friend’s and figure out how it works.  You will need that knowledge in our technology-reliant world.  Soon, the iPad Air will probably be used in schools, and would be very useful in college.  Entire projects can be completed on it, from essays to slideshows to videos, and it is a great way to access information.  Soon backpacks full of twenty-pound textbooks will be replaced by this one-pound device, sparing future generations from many backaches.

I would recommend the iPad Air for anyone who needs it for schoolwork or entertainment, and for anyone responsible enough to keep from breaking it.  Overall, it is a useful device that will not make you want to throw it against the wall in frustration.  I give it a rating of 10 out of 10.

Korean restaurant review.

One of the famous Korean traditional streets “Insa dong” is a good place for tourists to try new food.There are all Korean traditional stuffs and foods. Everyday a lot of foreign tourists have been visiting, so I’m going to suggest a Korean restaurant for the greatest place to eat after the tour.

   This restaurant serves Korean food “dduckbokgi” which is a kind of rice cake with hot sauce. Korean enjoy eating “dduckbokgi” like American enjoy eating French fries. Here is the best “dduckbokgi” restaurant in the Insadongstreet.

   The restaurant is called “Muck she don na” This means ‘Eat, Take a rest, Pay, Go out”. ‘Muck she don na’ has been popular for a long time. The first reason is the spot. The restaurant is located near a huge high school, so every day after school, It is very crowded by many students. The second reason is they add special ingredients that you never see with dduckbokgi. Usually this food is only sauce and rice cake, but they add cheese, sea food, sausage and a lot of other kinds of toppings. Another reason is the cheap price. Also they serve the food in huge pan. Then people can share their food for a really cheap price which makes it popular to students.

This restaurant looks traditional and antique. It is located near Insadongstreet, so tourists can visit there after their tour. The restaurant building was made like a normal house but when you enter between the building’s sides, you can see so many people waiting in the line. It takes normally 15 minutes to an hour to get seats. After you get seats, you can order only dduckbokgi and choose several toppings that you want.

   The atmosphere is friendly. All cooks and waitresses are mother age old women. People call them friendly “aunt” like American call close men “uncle”. This point makes me feel at home and think of my mother’s food. But here it is so crowded that it is hard to handle all tables by themselves. I found some mess left behind on my plate and cup.

   The food is not really spicy for kids. It is enough to order one food per three people. The food comes out with a very big pot pan. This pot is to keep your food warm. After having a great meal, I could get one ice cream bar for dessert at front of the counter.

   I considered place, atmosphere, food, price, quality, and waitress’s attitude. I could give 8/10 to this restaurant. A negative point was too long waiting times and dirty plates. But food and atmosphere was really good to suggest every tourist that visit the area.

History of Thanksgiving day.

It’s already the beginning of December with cold weather on the rise. We just passed Thanksgiving Day which is one of the biggest holiday. This year’s Thanksgiving date was November 28th. Thanksgiving Day has occurred 392 times since the first Thanksgiving Day in 1621.

   Thanksgiving Day was held by Pilgrims & Indians. They were in a bad relationship but they decided to have a peaceful day called Thanksgiving Day.

   The purpose was helping each other and appreciating about harvest with families & neighborhoods.

   Pilgrims & Indianswere usually share the food with people and take a rest. Traditional foods are Turkey & pumpkin pie.

·         Turkey: The origin of the tradition of eating turkey on Thanksgiving is not clear. However, according to one theory, Queen Elizabeth of the16th century, after learning that the Spanish Armada had sunk on its way to attack England, ordered another meal of goose meat thus making geese a tradition of celebrating the harvest. This was later changed to turkey by the Pilgrims because wild turkeys were more abundant and easier to find than geese. Source-ask

·         Pumpkin pie: was not really pumpkin pie back then. It was known that the first settlers complained about the lack of flavor in pumpkin offered by the natives who simply roasted the squash in the ashes of a fire and ate it. To make the gourd more palatable it is likely the pilgrims cut the top off the pumpkin, added milk honey and spices. They would then simply roast the whole thing beside the fire and scoop out the pulp.

Source - wiki answer

   These days we have several more traditions.

·         Black Friday:

The day after Thanks giving, noted as the first day of traditional Christmas shopping, during which crowds of consumers are drawn to special offers by retailers.

·         Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade:

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is an annual parade presented by the U.S. chain store business Macy's. The tradition started in 1924, tying it for the second-oldest Thanksgiving parade in the United States along with America's Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit. The three-hour Macy's event is held in New York City starting at 9:00 a.m. EST on Thanksgiving Day.

·         Watching football games:

   This is one of the many traditions in American culture that is associated with Thanksgiving Day. Virtually every level of football, from amateur and high school to college, plays football on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday) or the immediately following holiday weekend.

·         Thanksgiving break from school:

For Thanksgiving, Schoolsallow students and teachers a week off to celebrate the holiday.

·         Hunting:

Thanksgiving break is a great time to huntsince deer season

Begins on Monday.


Tompson comes back to alma mater as teacher

   Rikki Thompson is a new teacher at Ripley high school this year. She graduated here and recently came back as a long term substitute science teacher.
   Thompson has always appreciated teacher who are willing to help others. Here in a small town, that is possible she says.
   This year is her first experience of teaching. She is usually reading textbook and making power point slides for her class.
   Thompson's favorite teacher was Barb Heckert, her biology & chemistry teacher.
   "She was good teacher and I liked her class" Thompson says
   Thompson has a husband but no kids. Her hobbies are attending Marshall football games and basketball games.

Spirit Week Recap

   Spirit Week was November 4-8. It is traditionally the week of the Hatchet Game and gives students and staff a chance to get pumped about the game while raising class points.

Sophomore Maddi Randolph buzzed around her boyfriend, junior Trevor Tucker, on Prominent Pair Day.
Juniors Andrea Weese, Morgan Graves, and Sierra Norris took the spotlight in their 80s wear.
Ben Mack, Ryan Manley, Morgan Pursley, Jacob Lewis, Brooke Randolph, and Ricky Phillips blend in on Camo Day.

Seniors Chelsea Archer, Kylee Bryant, Sierra Johnson, and Annie Messenger make their fashion statement on Clash Day.

“Anchorman” 2 will be afternoon delight to see

By:  Baylee VanKirk
With the 70's behind him, San Diego's top rated newsman, Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell), returns to the news desk in “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.” Also back for more are Ron's co-anchor and wife, Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate), weather man Brick Tamland (Steve Carell), man on the street Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd) and sports guy Champ Kind (David Koechner).  This team won't make it easy to stay classy... while taking the nation's first 24-hour news channel by storm.

   The team will travel to New York to take on the task of becoming the most popular news team in the history of news.   The movie comes out December 18 around the world.  This comedy is just under two hours long and will be worth going to see if it is anything like the first movie. If you like raunchy comedies, this movie is definitely for you.  The first movie was highly praised in its time of release, and this movie is getting even higher regards than its predecessor.  So grab your burgundy coats, glass of non-alcoholic scotch, and remember to stay classy Ripley High.

Martin conflict starts problems in locker rooms

By:  Baylee VanKirk
   Recently a professional football player, Jonathan Martin, left the Miami Dolphins because of the constant hazing and bullying from both players and coaches.  Martin has only been in the league for a year and a half, but says it hasn’t stopped since day one.  The prime suspect from the NFL’s investigation is teammate and fellow lineman Ritchie Incognito. Incognito has had a problem in the past with fighting with teammates and yelling at coaches in disagreement.
   As reports keep coming out, both parties seem to be guilty in their own way as the hazing went back and forth between the two teammates. Most of the Dolphin’s players claim that Martin and Incognito were friends on and off the field.  With investigation continuing throughout the season, both players’ futures with the team and in the league are in question.  Incognito was suspended right after the reports came out.  Since he was suspended for a non-football issue, he either will be able to to come back to the team after six weeks or they could decide to release him to the free-agency.  Martin has recently met with the NFL investigators. Also NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has sent lawyers down to Miami to talk with team executives and coaches.
   This whole conflict has stirred up talks around all sports about bullying in the locker rooms.  The Minnesota Timberwolves of the NBA outlawed all hazing for rookies, even the small stuff such as carrying around a Jonas Brothers backpack that first round picks have had to do for awhile now.  Other teams are paying more attention to what goes on behind the scenes, but are not taking action quite yet.  Most colleges already had rules against bullying in sports, but some of the ones that had not are trying to apply them now. 

   Stories continue to pour out about both parties.  With no final decision on the investigation yet, it is hard to tell who is to blame.  In the near future, you will most likely hear a lot more about bullying in sports with a big part due to this situation.   

School lunches explained

   My recent editorial about the school’s food stereotype was published in the last newspaper and it gained some attention from Board Office staff. Debbie Harper, our county’s school nutritionist, came and spoke to me and the rest of the newspaper staff about the school lunch and breakfast policies. 
   Did you know that this generation of children will be the first generation that has a shorter life expectancy than their parents? There is an increase in the incidence of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and hypertension in children. Our school follows the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program (SBP) which help to set guidelines and requirements to make sure students get and stay healthy. These programs provide balanced and well-nourished meals that help preventing further health issues.

   For lunch, high school students are allowed 750-850 calories per day. For middle school students, lunch can contain 600-700 calories per day. In the elementary schools, students are allowed 550-650 calories per day. The amount served fluctuates throughout an average five-day week to provide a healthy variation in calorie intake. Even though it is probably healthier for the average student, is it still that healthy for high school athletes? Some students eat at lunch and then that’s all they have until their practices end at five, six, or even seven.Is that number of calories enough to provide athletes with enough energy to perform well? Most would say no.
   The USDA’s meal patterns for the NSLP and SBP include five subgroups of vegetables that count toward the daily and weekly vegetable requirements. Students often comment about how strange or random some of the food is that’s served in the cafeteria. A chart showing some of the foods in each group is below. All information was provided by Debbie Harper school nutritionist at the Jackson County Board Office. Students are required to have one cup of vegetables a day. Those vegetables can be chosen from any one of these subgroups. Weekly, students are required to have ½ a cup of the Dark Green subgroup, one and ¼ a cup of the Red/Orange subgroup, ½ a cup of Beans/Peas (legumes), ¾ a cup of Starchy vegetables, and ½ a cup of Other subgroup.

   I understand the need for healthier portions and calorie control, but sometimes it seems a little too extreme. I’m sure the student body will become less obese and health problems will decrease because it doesn’t seem like there is much of an option not to. I respect the schools decisions and even though I understand the programs better now, I still believe it’s a little stereotypical.

Perfect pitch with Pitch Perfect

By: Tyler Barickman

   The movie “Pitch Perfect” was about a girl, Becca, that is going to college.  She doesn’t really care for college; it is just a deal she made with her dad so she could become a DJ.  Her dad wants her to experience college life.  She the joins the campus’s female a cappella group and finds out more about herself and makes new friends along the way.  Becca and the a cappella group work hard to compete in a big a cappella tournament and recover from last year’s mishap. 
   Personally, I loved the movie.  It had my favorite type of humor in it.  The actors were great and are what made the movie.  Fat Amy was my favorite character.  She brought a sense of humor to everything she said.  She was a bigger girl and she didn’t seem embarrassed of it, she embraced it.  The main character Becca was funny and witty and was not your stereotypical college girl.  The actors seemed to work well together and had chemistry that showed. 

   This movie is great for people that love good humor and an amazing plotline.  There were many life lessons hidden within such an entertaining storyline.  The movie is geared towards people from the ages 14 and up; even your grandma will enjoy it!  Can’t figure out a movie to watch, just watch this make you cry laughing movie.  So grab your grandma and go watch Pitch Perfect!      

Hunger Games “Catches Fire” around the world

By: Audra Thomas
   “Catching Fire” came out November 22 with high expectations.  The sequel to “The Hunger Games” made over $158 million in a week.  “Catching Fire” is projected to be the best selling movie of 2013.  All the actors returned from the first movie which helped keep the chemistry from the last movie. 
   Catching Fire, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark have returned home safe after winning the 74th Annual Hunger Games.  After their victory, they must leave their friends and family, for a "Victors’ Tour" of the districts. Along the way Katniss senses that a rebellion is going to rise, but the Capitol is still very much in control as President Snow prepares the 75th Annual Hunger Games (The Quarter Quell).

   It mostly follows the story line of the book but does leave a few key things out.  This movie would be appropriate for kids 10 and over because of the gory effects of the film.  Other than that I would recommend this movie, but only after seeing the first “Hunger Games” or you will be completely lost during Catching Fire.  

Returning leadership to court looks to makes for exciting season

By: Audra Thomas
   Football season is coming to an end, which can only mean one thing, basketball season.  With expectations high, both teams look to improve on last year’s somewhat disappointing season.
   After having a 7-16 record last season, the boys’ team hopes for some major improvements this year.  The team only has two returning seniors, Drew Harpold and Kade Harrison.  Both bring experience to the team while the underclassmen can learn from them.
   “I would like to have a winning season this year since we haven’t had one since my freshman year,” says Harrison.
   Returning to the helm is Coach Craig Harmon for another year of Viking basketball.  With success in the past, Harmon would like to make a run into the state tournament. 
   On the other side of the gender barrier, Coach Justin Frasier looks to improve on a season of experience from last year.  Returning to the team as seniors are Sarah Williams, Chelsey Hager, Kensey Bergdorf, Mikayla Pursley, and Savanna Williams.  Also contributing to the team will be senior Amy Ferrel, senior Katie Robas, junior Emily Oldham, junior Jade Donohew, sophomore Katilyn Thomas, and sophomore Audra Thomas.
   “Everyone is doing their best because we know we can be great,” said Sarah Williams.
   The team has tons of leadership and experience from last year.  Despite last season’s woes, this year’s team looks to have a much better year with the experience.

   Both teams hope to have a successful year on and off the court.  With lots of fan support from The Mob, intensity in the gym will hopefully inspire both teams to play with pride. 

Cross Country team runs to State Meet

    The Cross Country team made school history!  Both girls and boys qualified to go to the State Meet.  The girls results were:  Haley Ford (21:43), Molli Cunningham (22:45), Kyndrah Hill (23:06), Sapphire Parsons (23:39), Amy Ferrel (24:58), Laurel Miller (25:01), and BryAna Stearns (25:25).  The boys, who were returning Regional Champions (2 years in a row), results were:  Antonio Jones (17:27), Remington Boyce (17:34), Levi Phillips (17:55), Dalton Fisher (18:28), (Nate Miller (19:03), Skye Stover (19:17), and Tucker Miller (19:19).  Congrats to the whole team for having a great season!

Vikings hit mats for wrestling season

Ripley is well known for many of its stellar athletes, and a lot of those athletes happen to be the ambitious wrestlers. This year everyone has high expectations for the wrestling team, just like the years before. Returning state champions include senior Preston Martin who won second in his weight class last year, junior Jake Martin who won first place in his weight class last year, and sophomore Lucas Simpkins who also won first place in his weight class. Everyone is anxious to see what this year holds for these three state champs. Jake Martin says, “I won’t be able to wrestle until after the second match due to surgery, but I’m really excited for the season and I’m ready to hit the mats again this year.” Some of the freshmen this year are nervous about following in the footsteps of the state champion wrestlers from past and present. Freshman Chance Morgan said, “I love wrestling and I’m really excited to take on the transition from middle to high school.” Not all of the new wrestlers are freshman. Some of the new wrestlers are Seniors who haven’t wrestled since previous years. Austin Hall said, “I’m really excited for the first match this year because I haven’t wrestled since my freshman year.” The Ripley High gymnasium is always packed with excited fans during the days of wrestling meets by screaming parents, loving girlfriends, and supportive friends. Two of those supports are coaches Matt Smith and Frank Howerton. Everyone loves a sporting event where you get to watch aggressive guys go at it on a mat until one pins the other. The first match of the season was December 9 against Hurricane at home. Their second match was December 13. It was a tournament in Canton, Ohio. At press time, the results were not yet known.

Incoming Sheetz gas station

   For 40 years now Ripley has had the McCoy’s Inn and Conference Center as a community monument.  Now the hotel is coming down to bring in a new Sheetz.

   No date is set for construction starting or finishing.  The owner of McCoy’s says that Sheetz will be opened next year.

   The Conference Center is staying, but as of right now Johnny Macs will not be relocating.  It will be shut down along with the hotel.  The community fitness center is staying as well.

   Gas prices in town may be affected, but with a new competitor they might decrease, since they will be fighting for lower prices.  Also, some gas stations on the other side of town might decrease to bring business that way.

   Mayor Carolyn Radar says that the new Sheetz will update the area, and hopefully attract additional tourists to the area.

  McCoy’s wanted this deal, because the owners wanted to do something new.

   “It was a great experience, but after 40 years, it is time for a change.” said John P. McCoy (owner of McCoy’s).