Thursday, January 2, 2014

Incoming Sheetz gas station

   For 40 years now Ripley has had the McCoy’s Inn and Conference Center as a community monument.  Now the hotel is coming down to bring in a new Sheetz.

   No date is set for construction starting or finishing.  The owner of McCoy’s says that Sheetz will be opened next year.

   The Conference Center is staying, but as of right now Johnny Macs will not be relocating.  It will be shut down along with the hotel.  The community fitness center is staying as well.

   Gas prices in town may be affected, but with a new competitor they might decrease, since they will be fighting for lower prices.  Also, some gas stations on the other side of town might decrease to bring business that way.

   Mayor Carolyn Radar says that the new Sheetz will update the area, and hopefully attract additional tourists to the area.

  McCoy’s wanted this deal, because the owners wanted to do something new.

   “It was a great experience, but after 40 years, it is time for a change.” said John P. McCoy (owner of McCoy’s).

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