Thursday, January 2, 2014

Korean restaurant review.

One of the famous Korean traditional streets “Insa dong” is a good place for tourists to try new food.There are all Korean traditional stuffs and foods. Everyday a lot of foreign tourists have been visiting, so I’m going to suggest a Korean restaurant for the greatest place to eat after the tour.

   This restaurant serves Korean food “dduckbokgi” which is a kind of rice cake with hot sauce. Korean enjoy eating “dduckbokgi” like American enjoy eating French fries. Here is the best “dduckbokgi” restaurant in the Insadongstreet.

   The restaurant is called “Muck she don na” This means ‘Eat, Take a rest, Pay, Go out”. ‘Muck she don na’ has been popular for a long time. The first reason is the spot. The restaurant is located near a huge high school, so every day after school, It is very crowded by many students. The second reason is they add special ingredients that you never see with dduckbokgi. Usually this food is only sauce and rice cake, but they add cheese, sea food, sausage and a lot of other kinds of toppings. Another reason is the cheap price. Also they serve the food in huge pan. Then people can share their food for a really cheap price which makes it popular to students.

This restaurant looks traditional and antique. It is located near Insadongstreet, so tourists can visit there after their tour. The restaurant building was made like a normal house but when you enter between the building’s sides, you can see so many people waiting in the line. It takes normally 15 minutes to an hour to get seats. After you get seats, you can order only dduckbokgi and choose several toppings that you want.

   The atmosphere is friendly. All cooks and waitresses are mother age old women. People call them friendly “aunt” like American call close men “uncle”. This point makes me feel at home and think of my mother’s food. But here it is so crowded that it is hard to handle all tables by themselves. I found some mess left behind on my plate and cup.

   The food is not really spicy for kids. It is enough to order one food per three people. The food comes out with a very big pot pan. This pot is to keep your food warm. After having a great meal, I could get one ice cream bar for dessert at front of the counter.

   I considered place, atmosphere, food, price, quality, and waitress’s attitude. I could give 8/10 to this restaurant. A negative point was too long waiting times and dirty plates. But food and atmosphere was really good to suggest every tourist that visit the area.

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