Thursday, January 2, 2014

Perfect pitch with Pitch Perfect

By: Tyler Barickman

   The movie “Pitch Perfect” was about a girl, Becca, that is going to college.  She doesn’t really care for college; it is just a deal she made with her dad so she could become a DJ.  Her dad wants her to experience college life.  She the joins the campus’s female a cappella group and finds out more about herself and makes new friends along the way.  Becca and the a cappella group work hard to compete in a big a cappella tournament and recover from last year’s mishap. 
   Personally, I loved the movie.  It had my favorite type of humor in it.  The actors were great and are what made the movie.  Fat Amy was my favorite character.  She brought a sense of humor to everything she said.  She was a bigger girl and she didn’t seem embarrassed of it, she embraced it.  The main character Becca was funny and witty and was not your stereotypical college girl.  The actors seemed to work well together and had chemistry that showed. 

   This movie is great for people that love good humor and an amazing plotline.  There were many life lessons hidden within such an entertaining storyline.  The movie is geared towards people from the ages 14 and up; even your grandma will enjoy it!  Can’t figure out a movie to watch, just watch this make you cry laughing movie.  So grab your grandma and go watch Pitch Perfect!      

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