Friday, February 14, 2014

Bridgegate scandal leaves public skeptical

By: Jacob Bailes

   In September of last year, the Port Authority in New York and New Jersey closed all but one of the lanes of the George Washington Bridge from Fort Lee, N.J. that connects the two states. This is the most heavily trafficked bridge in the world. With two of the three lanes closed for four days, this caused a jam worse than most have seen in a long time. None of the authorities were prepared for these traffic problems.
   Speculation arose not long after that New Jersey’s governor Chris Christie had his staff create the incident as revenge against Mayor Mark Sokolich for not endorsing Christie’s reelection. This was verified when e-mails and text messages from high-ranking officials in his administration were given to the state legislature as they investigated the situation. Still, there is no apparent reason as to why Christie or his office would have wanted to do this.
   So far, no evidence has shown that Christie was involved in the scandal and the bridge has since been opened. He has denied all involvement in the issue, however, he was very dismissive of the ordeal and everything he said ended up to be a lie. He said that the lane closures were legitimate. The state legislative committee has also issued several subpoenas to members of Christie’s office and reelection campaign. Two people subpoenaed have refused to provide records and have cited the Fifth Amendment. If it turns out that he did know about it, this could seriously hurt his chances running as a presidential candidate in 2016.

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