Monday, February 10, 2014

Hot topics in mid-term elections

   This year, being the mid-term election year, all House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate’s seats are up for grabs.  Also, this year is usually the prediction for who will be running in the 2016 Presidential Election.  The main issues that will be debated over for all candidates will be about Obamacare and Benghazi.  Other issues that will be hot topics are the NSA scandal, the economy, and immigration.
   Some races for Senate to watch are: North Carolina, Louisiana, and Virginia.  Many people believe that Republicans will keep the House.
   Obamacare will obviously be the most talked about issue.  Many Democrats who voted for it are avoiding this topic all together.  They are worried that this controversy will sway Congress to become in control of Republicans and then they will have veto power.  If Congress does become Republican, then they can restrict Obama’s agenda.  Currently the Senate is Democrat and the House of Representatives is Republican.
   Benghazi could impact the 2016 elections if Hillary Clinton (D) runs for president, which many people are predicting that she will.  When the attack on the embassy happened she was the Secretary of State at the time.  This could hurt her since the reasons of the attack were withheld from the public.
   Many people are also talking about the Chris Christie (Republican governor of New Jersey) scandal.  Democrats are worried that he will run for the Presidency.  Some say that they don’t want him to be President due to the closing of the George Washington Bridge, but he didn’t actually close it.  Some of his top staff members merged three lanes on the GW Bridge into one toll booth.  He took responsibility for it since it was under his administration, but some of his staff closed it in retaliation towards a mayor who did not support Christie (even though Christie had the majority of NJ).
   These are all just predictions; actual runners for the presidency are not known yet.

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