Monday, February 10, 2014

It's called BREAK for a reason

   Now that the dreaded week of semester exams are over (after snow day, after snow day, after snow day), one question is still stuck in our heads:  Why do we have finals after break?
   Over break, a majority of the kids do not study at all.  The few that are left either:  A) Cram doing all of their study guides within the first few days and then never do anything with them till they come back or B) Embrace their inner nerd and space the work load over a few days.
   Regardless of which category students fall in, most of us agree that it is absolutely ridiculous that we have to spend our break studying (if you do study at all).  I mean if the point of high school is to prepare us for college (which have their exams before break so they can start off fresh) why don’t we have them before?
   Counselor Bea Isner said that the reason that we have finals after break is because of the State Policy that we need so many hours to earn the credit for the semester.  The hours are equivalent to 90 days of school which for our calendar goes into January.  This time is affected by our Thanksgiving and Christmas Break and the day we start school.
   Kanawha County had finals before break (which was convenient for them due to the chemical spill), but they started a week before us and gave up part of their Thanksgiving Break.  They gave up part of their Thanksgiving Break to be sure that they could have their finals before break.  Isner said that in the past we have taken away the first few days of Thanksgiving Break, but it failed.  The school did not have enough bus drivers, many teachers had subs, and many students skipped to go hunting or travel.  Classes were basically a joke, which wasn’t fair for the kids that did show up (or a blessing depending on your view point).
   If we were to do what Kanawha did, we would have a relaxing Christmas Break, start off fresh, and get out of school earlier.  We would have to sacrifice a few days off, but they would be added to summer!  Consider though, the possibility of having a relaxing Christmas Break, and getting out earlier for summer.

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