Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Latino Bachelor takes field

   By: Kelsey Shamblin 
   ABC premiered “The Bachelor 2014” on January 6. On Season 18, “Countdown to Juan Pablo”, the bachelor is 32-year-old Juan Pablo Galavis, a Latino from Venezuela. A new twist is that he isn’t only searching for a wife, he is also looking for a woman to be his daughters stepmother.
   Juan Pablo played soccer in the Venezuelan first division for Caracas FC, Deportivo Italia and Monagas Sport Club. He decided to stop playing soccer after his daughter, Camila, was born on Feb. 14, 2009. He then began a career in the music business by promoting local bars, clubs and Venezuelan singers in Miami. Juan Pablo was a contestant on “The Bachelorette, but he lost the competition on Desiree Hartsock's season in 2013.
   Juan Pablo was previously with Camila’s mother Carla Rodriguez, but after two years, the couple split. Carla Rodriguez is still totally involved in his life, despite a lengthy child support battle. The two split in 2010 and they have been friends and co-parents ever since. This has some fans wondering, will this affect how he feels about the Bachelorettes and his decision in the end? Many worry Juan Pablo will end up back with Rodriguez.
   Juan Pablo had the chance to meet 27 beautiful bachelorettes to choose from. While 25 is the normal for the show, host Chris Harrison explains that there were just too many ladies who wanted to date Juan Pablo, so the net producers had no choice but to allow two extra women into the mix. Juan Pablo seemed very nervous as the limos pulled up, but who wouldn’t be?
   There were many outstanding first impressions made, which now are some of the fans favorites. The most off-the-wall impression was Clare, a hairstylist, who emerged from the limo holding her pregnant belly. She smiled at Juan Pablo, let him rub her stomach and cooed that she knows he wants more children. Instead of thinking its creepy Juan Pablo was kind of into it. Unfortunately, the pregnancy is fake and she’s just trolling into the world. Alli, a nanny, who emerged from the limo wearing Adidas kicks looking for a teammate Chelsey, who wants to make chemistry with Juan Pablo, and Nikki a pediatric nurse who has him listen to her heart beating to show him how nervous she was, are just a few of the first impressions that have stuck with the fans.
   Juan Pablo has taken many bachelorettes on dates, some one-on-one dates, and others group dates. Juan Pablo took Clare on the first one-on-one date, a winter wonderland. He also took Chelsey to jump off of a bridge, Cassandra, in a car boat, and many more. Two of the group dates were a photo shoot and playing soccer with Juan Pablo.
   Juan Pablo has eliminated it down to 11 beautiful bachelorettes, who he will continue to get to know, and hopefully find his wife and a stepmother to Camila, to complete his family.

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