Friday, February 21, 2014

News for listeners and gamers in 2014

   For some, the best part of a new year is finding out all the new movies, games, music, apps, and other forms of entertainment that will be available soon.  Everyone has a name or title they look forward to hearing.  Some are bored with Angry Birds and are on the lookout for a new game to play, while others hold their breath in hopes of their favorite singer releasing a new line of songs.  Listed here are some of the music and apps that you may want to look and listen for.

   To begin with music, there will be many anticipated albums that will be arriving this year.  So far, many of the release dates and even titles are unknown, and this is only a sample of the new music of the year.  It has been confirmed that Adele will be releasing her next album of an unknown name later this year.  Chris Brown will also have his next album at an unknown date.  Both soloist Rihanna and band Foo Fighters will be releasing their eighth studio albums at an undetermined date this year.  For country fans, Miranda Lambert will have a fifth album released this year of an unknown title, and Dierks Bently will have his seventh, titled “Riser,” February 25.

   However, new artists are not the only ones you should keep an eye on.  March 25, a never-before-heard album by Johnny Cash, “Out Among the Stars,” will be available for the first time.  This will be his fourth posthumous album, proving that his music is still making an impact.

   As for apps, the number of expected releases this year is as overwhelming as ever, on top of the several hundreds of thousands that already exist.  For those who have defeated all the levels of all the games on their phone and iPad, a plethora of games will become available for downloading.  For those who enjoy “paper” games, such as “Paper Mario,” a new game called “Tengami,” in which you make your way through an origami world, may spark your interest.  There are also some notable sequels to older games making an appearance:  for anyone who has played the game “Spider,” an adventure game about an arachnid, there will be a new game called “Spider:  Rite of the Shrouded Moon.”

   Those who like action games, strategy games, word games, and generally pointless games will be entertained.

   Anyone who enjoys music and games, or anyone looking for new content for their phone or tablet, should look forward to the coming year.  2014 is certain to bring plenty of entertainment.

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