Friday, February 7, 2014

Realignment shakes up college sports

By: Audra Thomas

   In recent years during college sports, there have been many changes throughout the conferences. Some conferences got better and some of them became worse. 
   In past years, changes to the Big 12 included both Missouri and Texas A&M leaving to go to the South Eastern Conference. Taking the place of those teams was West Virginia and TCU. The Big 12 is now made up of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, West Virginia, Iowa State, Texas Tech, Baylor, and TCU.  
   The Big 12 lost four teams and gained two in West Virginia and TCU.  This is viewed as a good move for both teams since they were leaving weaker conferences for bigger and better things.  They also received a big financial increase with TV contracts and better sponsors.
   One big change was the American Conference, which is completely new.  It is made up of Cincinnati, Memphis, Louisville, Connecticut, Southern Methodist, Houston, Rutgers, UCF, South Florida, and Temple.  These teams mostly came from the Big East and old CUSA. 
   There were also many changes in other conferences, one of them being the Big East.  Three teams joined the conference, Creighton from Missouri Valley, Xavier and Butler from Atlantic 10.  In the ACC, Syracuse, Pittsburg, and Notre Dame joined after leaving the Big East conference. 
   Changes to come in the next year are Maryland leaving the ACC for the Big 10.

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