Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

By: Kelsey Shamblin
   New Year’s resolutions are a promise a person makes for the New Year. No matter what your resolution is, it is to improve your life the upcoming year. Resolutions come in many forms and ideas. Some are to change bad habits, some are to develop positive habits, some are money related and some are relationship related. According to Statistic Brain 45 percent of Americans usually make New Year’s Resolutions, but only 8 percent are successful in receiving their New Year’s Resolution. 
   2014 had ten top New Year’s resolutions that are very common throughout the world. Here are just a few. The top New Year’s Resolutions was to lose weight, and stay fit and healthy. Many people around the world promise to lose weight throughout the 2014 year. Everyone may have a different reason of why they want to lose weight, some because of health issues, and some for appearance.
   Getting organized is the second top resolution. Getting organized could mean organizing your house, your business, or your future. Organization makes life so much easier. It makes your house look much neater, cleaner, and more welcoming. People would be able to find items easier if you knew exactly where they should be. Organizing your life could be figuring out what you want in your life.
   Many families around the world also want to try to save more and spend less. That could mean recycling, using coupons, and cutting back on running. There are many ways to save money if you just think about it.
   The fourth resolution is living life to the fullest. In today’s society you never know what could happen. People are coming to realize that any day could be their last day, so it is about time they start living it to the fullest and making the best of every moment. 
   “I would like to get out of bed before noon on the weekends, instead of sleeping until 1, and wasting part of my day,” said Kelsey Archer.
   Spending more time with family is a wonderful way to start out the New Year. Families may have lost contact due to divorces, family disagreements, or even just living away from each other. Americans would like to improve their relationships with their family, and spend more time with them in the New Year.
   “For the past two years, my resolution has been to fish 50 days out of the year,” said Mr. Canterbury.
   Many students across America are promising to make better grades. Seniors want to improve their grades to make it easier to get into college, and many others just for a better future. Grades play a very large role in our lives today, depending on your grades, depends on how easy it will be easier to get into college.
   “My New Year’s resolution is to get a 4.0 my senior year,” said Brooke Dulaney.
   American’s across the world are making promises to improve their lives for the New Year. Each person’s resolution may be different depending on their life situations.

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