Thursday, April 24, 2014

Music in 2014:

What to listen, look forward to, and enjoy

By: Lexi Martin

   2014 is going to be a big year in music. In fact, it has already had a killer start.The albums being released and those that have already been released this year are some to remember. There are many genres, but here are a few to whet your whistle.


   Bad Things’ self-titled debut album was released January 21, 2014. The band is made up of lead singer, Davis LeDuke, rhythm guitarist, Anthony Sanudo, bassist, Jared Palomar, and drummer, Lena Zawaideh. You all must be thinking, “Who cares about this band?” Well, a lot of people, actually. The lead guitarist may sound familiar to you, it’s Shaun White! Yes, the snowboarder. This is not just another project for the gold-winning Olympian. He’s completely serious about it.

Most people, myself included, first checked out the band because they’re Shaun White fans and, were completely blown away by the band’s talent. The lyrics and talent of all the members together is what gives the band the breath of fresh air that I have been craving. The band itself has a serious indie-rock feel with heavy guitars, drums, soaring vocals from LeDuke, and joyous melodies from Zawaideh.

   Prior to the release of the full album, Bad Things released the digitaland only single “Anybody” which is also the opening track from the album. The band also released a music video for their song “Caught Inside.” You can buy the album on Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes. The iTunes version of it comes with two extra songs that are iTunes exclusive.

   If you enjoy Bad Things and Indie-rock music, some other albums you may be interested in include: The Black Keys’ “Turn Blue,” being released May 13, Beck’s “Morning Phase” was released February 25, St. Vincent’ self-titled album was released February 24, and Lily Allen’s “Sheezus” on May 5.


   John Frusciante is most known for being the lead guitarist in the rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers. After leaving the band for the second time in 2009, he recorded with numerous artists including The Mars Volta and Ataxia. On April 8, Frusciante released his latest LP called “Enclosure.” What makes this album unique is that Frusciante played all the instruments on this album including guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards, synthesizers, drum machine, sequencer, and samples on a system called GarageBand also used by Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails.

Frusciante’s sound is very melodic and guitar heavy. His music is very relaxing to listen to. If you are planning on listening to his album with hopes of hearing something like the RHCP, then you better think again because it is completely different. The sound is almost psychedelic. If you like listening to music with long guitar solos, then this is the sound you want to listen to. His voice is melodious and blends well with the background sounds.

   Although, Frusciante’s sound is soft, the heavy guitar still considers him rock. His soft psychedelic sound actually puts us in the mind of bands such as Pink Floyd with long guitar solos and mind-blowing lyrics.

   If you enjoy rock and hard rock music, some other albums you might want to check out are Bruce Springsteen’s “High Hopes,” released January 14, Jack White’s “Lazaretto,” being released June 10, Sebastian Bach’s “Give ‘Em Hell” being released April 22, The Pixies’ “Indie Cindy,” their first album since 1991, being released April 29.

   Of course, that is only a few genres and a few albums. There are many more coming out this year. If you are curious as to others that are coming out, the internet is always your best friend.

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