Thursday, May 22, 2014

Baccalaureate 2014

Graduating students, parents, and community members gathered at Ripley High School May 21 to celebrate our seniors' final days of high school with inspirational messages from their peers.  To view the full ceremony, check out our live stream at here.

Sarah Williams

Alexis Rutter described how the class of 2014 is unique because of the diverse individuals that make it up.

Braxton Morrison

 "Stop and smell the roses because they may not be there tomorrow."  Rachel Stanley

"But no matter which paths we choose, God will guide each one of us."  Kelsey Frampton

Danielle Vealey reminded students that each one of them is capable and has the potential to succeed.  They must remember to depend upon themselves and the lessons they were taught here.

Jenny Gibbs

 The class song, entitled "This is the Moment" was sung by senior choir members and select underclassmen.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Primary Election Day closing in

   May 13 will be the primary election in West Virginia.  Primary elections occur in West Virginia every even year on the second Tuesday in May.  These elections are used to nominate candidates for the general election in November.

   Some high school students who recently turned 18 will be eligible to vote for the first time.  Many are excited for this, since voting has been considered a rite of passage into adulthood for generations.  For those who are not certain about the process, here are some things you need to know.

   In order to vote, you must have registered by April 22.  By registering even a day after the deadline, you will still be able to vote by the general election, but not in this one.

   You must turn 18 by November 10 in order to register, and to you must be a citizen of West Virginia for state elections.

   Polling places will be open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on May 13.  The state government will be closed, so schools will not be in session.  Those who work in businesses that are not closed for the day but still wish to vote can ask their employer for three hours off to do so.  This must be done in writing at least three days before the election.

   West Virginia has a closed primary, so voters can only vote for candidates of the party they registered for.  In other words, if you are registered as a Democrat, you cannot vote for a Republican candidate unless you file a party change no less than 21 days before the election.  However, in the general election, you will be able to choose from any party.

   Keep in mind that in this election, voters are not voting candidates into office, but choosing candidates for the next election.

   All voters will be required to show their voter’s registration card and proof of their identity, so come prepared!

   Many complain that every new generation of voters that comes in each year becomes more and more misinformed.  Some fill in bubbles at random without any knowledge of who the candidates are.  If you are going to vote in any election, do some research on the candidates, the purpose of the election, and which candidate will do best in the office they are running for.  Make sure you know that what you write on the ballot is what you would really choose.

   Offices on the ballot include U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, State Senator, House of Delegate members, and County Commissioners.  Whoever wins the election for each office will move on to the general election.  Remember to do research and find out information on all the candidates before you hand in your ballot.

   For those who will be voting for the first time, choose well, and enjoy another step into adulthood.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

2015 school calendar pushes graduation back

   There is a lot of controversy about the news of the upcoming schedule for the first day of school and graduation next year.  Most of the upcoming seniors are very upset about the late graduating schedule.  The news policies and rules dealing with snow days have also brought up a lot of disappointment. 
   The Board of Education held two public hearings on May 15th about the school calendar for next year.  They also called people across the county to give phone surveys about what calendar they would prefer to have next year.  When making the calendar the Board has to incorporate with Roane County because of the Roane-Jackson Technical Center, which has students from both counties.  From the hearings and the surveys, the most popular choice was the start date of August 20, so that’s when students will start next year. 
   “All the days that school is closed, we will have to make those days up as well,” said Superintendent Blaine Hess. 
   Hess also explained that if we have a winter like this year or worse, we might also have to make up two-hour delay days with extra time added onto school days.  We may have some of our Spring Break days taken away to get enough school days.  With all the factors, next year students may have to go to school as late as June 30.
   Many students are upset about the new calendar changes, especially the upcoming seniors.
   “It stinks that we don’t get to graduate until the 5th, but I guess there isn’t anything we can do about it,” said junior Elizabeth King.
   “I want to be able to graduate and get on with my college life, so a late graduation date is not ideal,” said junior Emily Oldham.
   Mr. Hosaflook said that because of the summer activities such as the fair, the later start date was the most popular choice.
   “The problem with a later date is a late ending date, the chance of losing days in spring break and Christmas break,” said Hosaflook.
  The late starting date was the most popular choice from the surveys and the meetings.  The problem with choosing a later start date means that the students will have to attend school longer, thus the graduation for seniors will be a later date as well.


Jazz up your life

By:  Baylee VanKirk

   Recently, new choral director, Annie Hancock, started Blue Centric, a jazz ensemble that contains 13 singers. There are three singers for each voice part and one beat boxer.  The group sings a cappella music and is currently working on pieces by Ray Charles and other famous musicians.
   Members of the group include seniors Katie Martin, Dallas Hopkins, Seth Wilson, Christie Armentrout, juniors Triston Lanham, Caleigh Neil, Matt Groves, Isaac Koontz, sophomores Sophia Brown, Ramsie Monk, Hannah Hammons, J.J. Mahan, and freshman Austen Carpenter.
   Koontz is used as a bass singer and the beat boxer.
   “It is really fun to get to do this kind of music, especially when I get to make my own rhythm in beat boxing,” said Koontz.
   This is an extracurricular group that meets at lunch and after school for rehearsal.  Hancock has reasoning for starting this kind of group on such short notice.
   “Many kids have asked if I plan on starting a show choir. While this still doesn’t involve dancing and competitions, it is pretty close,” said Hancock, “While a show choir is not here yet, it is definitely a possibility in the future.”

   Blue Centric will be displaying their talents at the choral pop concert May 9.

What an honor!

National Honor Society inducts 44 this year

By: Lexi Martin

   Induction into the National Honor Society is one of the biggest achievements students can achieve in their high school careers. Each year, Ripley High School inducts juniors and seniors with at least a 3.6 cumulative GPA and well-rounded characteristics. NHS hands out applications every spring for promising students who have enough qualifications to be potentially inducted to the Honor Society.

   Unfortunately, all of the people who get applications cannot be inducted but the people who are accepted, are lucky. Being inducted is definitely something to be proud of. Usually, the inductees are mostly juniors and a few seniors and this year was no different. To be considered for induction is a tremendous honor. Being taken in as a member is something to be truly proud of.The members of the Honor Society take part in the Adopt-A-Family, fundraisers, and the Ripley High School blood drive, community service, and other activities.

   “Each year the Society takes part in two service projects, Adopt-A-Family, and a community project,” adviser Elizabeth Sayre said.

   The induction ceremony was held April 18 in the auditorium. After saying the Pledge of Allegiance, Principal Will Hosaflook spoke about the importance of the Honor Society and the Light Brigade. The Light Brigade is Ripley’s chapter of the Honor Society, but each school is different. Following, senior officers President Anna Robinson, Vice President Nathan Tucker, Secretary Brittani Hancock, Treasurer Erica Gibson, and Historian Sarah Williams spoke about what it (characteristics, service, leadership, and character) means to be a member of the Society and what the exact requirements are asked of a new member. Finally, Assistant Principals Jeff Banton and Bev Shatto inducted the new members.

   The 2014 inductees are: Caisie Adcock, Tori Anderson, Christy Armentrout, Cody Bailey, Callan Banks, Lindsey Boggess, Meghan Brannon, Jared Casto, Sydney Casto, Abby Edwards, Sarah Evans, Holly Farkosh, Jacob Fields, Megan Frampton, Matt Groves, Kelli Hinzman, Rebecca Joyce, Jacob Kay, Elizabeth King, Kailee Mann, FaytheMaston, Justin McKown, Candace Mellon, EldrickMillares, Tuckey Miller, Lucas Myers, Caleigh Neil, Sapphire Parsons, Levi Phillips, ArinShatto, Arik Sheets, Samantha Shin, Katherine Simmons, BryAna Stearns, MandeeStudivon, Trevor Tucker, Jack Victory, Tara Waller, Brandon Well, Sarah Welling, Perri Williams, Seth Wilson, Wes Withrow, and Katlyn Yates, eight of which are seniors.

   “It’s an honor, and I am truly blessed to be part of it,” junior inductee Caisie Adcock said.

Battle of the sexes begins once more

  By: Audra Thomas
   Recently the administration has informed the 9th through 11th grade students about the changes that need to happen in the upcoming WESTEST scores.  In last year’s WESTEST the girls outscored the boys in reading/language arts portion of the test by quite a bit.  To try and even up the scores between boys and girls, by competition between the genders.  One of the reasons the school is having a competition this way is because competitions in the school are almost always between grade levels.  For this competition, the administration wanted a way to make it more exciting.
   During the assembly informing the girls on the competition, all the female teachers came together to perform a song and dance.
   “It was a way for us to show that not everything has to be boring and that it can be fun,” said assistant principal Beverly Shatto.
   The girls were informed during the assembly that if we can improve our test scores by 65% that we will get cell phone privileges before the school day.
   For the boys, their incentive for them to improve on scores is a field trip to sporting event, etc.