Thursday, May 1, 2014

2015 school calendar pushes graduation back

   There is a lot of controversy about the news of the upcoming schedule for the first day of school and graduation next year.  Most of the upcoming seniors are very upset about the late graduating schedule.  The news policies and rules dealing with snow days have also brought up a lot of disappointment. 
   The Board of Education held two public hearings on May 15th about the school calendar for next year.  They also called people across the county to give phone surveys about what calendar they would prefer to have next year.  When making the calendar the Board has to incorporate with Roane County because of the Roane-Jackson Technical Center, which has students from both counties.  From the hearings and the surveys, the most popular choice was the start date of August 20, so that’s when students will start next year. 
   “All the days that school is closed, we will have to make those days up as well,” said Superintendent Blaine Hess. 
   Hess also explained that if we have a winter like this year or worse, we might also have to make up two-hour delay days with extra time added onto school days.  We may have some of our Spring Break days taken away to get enough school days.  With all the factors, next year students may have to go to school as late as June 30.
   Many students are upset about the new calendar changes, especially the upcoming seniors.
   “It stinks that we don’t get to graduate until the 5th, but I guess there isn’t anything we can do about it,” said junior Elizabeth King.
   “I want to be able to graduate and get on with my college life, so a late graduation date is not ideal,” said junior Emily Oldham.
   Mr. Hosaflook said that because of the summer activities such as the fair, the later start date was the most popular choice.
   “The problem with a later date is a late ending date, the chance of losing days in spring break and Christmas break,” said Hosaflook.
  The late starting date was the most popular choice from the surveys and the meetings.  The problem with choosing a later start date means that the students will have to attend school longer, thus the graduation for seniors will be a later date as well.


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