Thursday, May 1, 2014

Battle of the sexes begins once more

  By: Audra Thomas
   Recently the administration has informed the 9th through 11th grade students about the changes that need to happen in the upcoming WESTEST scores.  In last year’s WESTEST the girls outscored the boys in reading/language arts portion of the test by quite a bit.  To try and even up the scores between boys and girls, by competition between the genders.  One of the reasons the school is having a competition this way is because competitions in the school are almost always between grade levels.  For this competition, the administration wanted a way to make it more exciting.
   During the assembly informing the girls on the competition, all the female teachers came together to perform a song and dance.
   “It was a way for us to show that not everything has to be boring and that it can be fun,” said assistant principal Beverly Shatto.
   The girls were informed during the assembly that if we can improve our test scores by 65% that we will get cell phone privileges before the school day.
   For the boys, their incentive for them to improve on scores is a field trip to sporting event, etc.  

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