Thursday, May 1, 2014

Jazz up your life

By:  Baylee VanKirk

   Recently, new choral director, Annie Hancock, started Blue Centric, a jazz ensemble that contains 13 singers. There are three singers for each voice part and one beat boxer.  The group sings a cappella music and is currently working on pieces by Ray Charles and other famous musicians.
   Members of the group include seniors Katie Martin, Dallas Hopkins, Seth Wilson, Christie Armentrout, juniors Triston Lanham, Caleigh Neil, Matt Groves, Isaac Koontz, sophomores Sophia Brown, Ramsie Monk, Hannah Hammons, J.J. Mahan, and freshman Austen Carpenter.
   Koontz is used as a bass singer and the beat boxer.
   “It is really fun to get to do this kind of music, especially when I get to make my own rhythm in beat boxing,” said Koontz.
   This is an extracurricular group that meets at lunch and after school for rehearsal.  Hancock has reasoning for starting this kind of group on such short notice.
   “Many kids have asked if I plan on starting a show choir. While this still doesn’t involve dancing and competitions, it is pretty close,” said Hancock, “While a show choir is not here yet, it is definitely a possibility in the future.”

   Blue Centric will be displaying their talents at the choral pop concert May 9.

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