Friday, October 24, 2014

6th Man to make RHS history
By: Perri Williams
   More than 125 members strong, the 6th Man Club is ready to make a mark on Ripley High basketball. Girls’ basketball coach John Kennedy and our new boys’ coach Evan Faulkner, are the brains of the operation.
   “Our goal is to create an intimidating atmosphere at home games,” Faulkner says.
   The club’s president, Senior Bradley Knotts, and vice president, Senior Easton Berry, really have the students fired up, leading cheers and chants.
   “We are going to re-establish Ripley High as a championship school for boys’ and girls’ basketball. The 6th Man will definitely help us achieve that,” says Kennedy.
   How can you be a part of 6th Man? All students have to do is buy the T-shirt sold in the gym at lunch. The shirt costs $15, and includes a ticket to Midnight Madness and the Tip-Off Dinner. The best part of the deal is if you wear the shirt to any home game, you get in free! Be sure to buy the shirt before Friday October 31, or the price goes up to $35. You can, but don’t have to, be at the club meetings in the gym every club schedule Thursday.
    November 14, Midnight Madness will really create excitement in the community and give people a chance to get to know the team earlier in the season. There will be three-point and dunk contests, and many other fun activities for the members to participate in. There will also be the unveiling of the 6th Man banner in the Gym.

   6th Man will reestablish a student section at our school, and help motivate the basketball teams during games. It will help bring our students together as a whole. It’s time to make history Ripley High. Are you ready?

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