Friday, October 24, 2014

History classes will journey to D.C.

   The hot topic for history lovers in school is the D.C. trip which is coming up November 7. Our AP U.S. History, AP Government, State and Local Government classes, and some students from the Civics class have been fortunate enough to receive this opportunity. Students and staff are very excited for the upcoming trip.

   Junior, J.J. Mahan said “D.C. is a very historic place and a lot of my friends are going so I can’t wait to add on to my Washington D.C. memories.”

   History teacher Jo Phillips has arranged historical trips since 2010 to take students to either Philadelphia or Washington D.C. There are 47 students attending, three parents, and five staff members including Phillips, history teachers A.J. Cooper, Steve Sayre and former teacher Dan Barnette, counselor Bea Isner. The cost for each student is $327. Phillips got $20 per student from WVUP for teaching a college class (State and Local Government). Students had to come up with the rest but they did fundraise by selling donuts to get some of the trip paid for.

   Phillips has made up the itinerary for the whole trip.

   Many are looking forward to the advantages of this trip to Washington D.C. since most went in eighth grade.

   “This trip is not as rushed, more in depth trip for as far as where they go. The 8th grade trip is great to build further knowledge. Maturity level is also a big factor in appreciating this trip more,” Phillips said.

   Compared to the eighth grade trip students, will be able to go to more places such as the White House, Newseum, and Ford’s Theatre. Phillips is excited to go, because a couple years ago when students were able to tour, they got to meet Bo Obama (the First Dog). The tour was arranged by an RHS graduate student who is now a Secret Service agent. The agent is assigned to the West Wing, the presidential office area in the White House. He met with their group and talked about his job.

   “It was a great experience” said Mrs. Phillips.

   The Newseum is another different place to tour that “student’s love.” The Newseum benefits students because it is all about government in the news. It is a forum for the First Amendment study, exploration and education.

   Ford’s Theater is another attraction added to the itinerary that differs from the eighth graders. Ford’s Theater celebrates the legacy of President Abraham Lincoln and explores the American experience through theater and education.

   This will be a great opportunity for students to explore our nation’s Capital.

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