Friday, October 24, 2014

Horoscopes for October, November, December

Scorpio- November 24-November22
Saggittarius-November 23- December 21
Capricorn- December 22- January 19

Scorpio: Have a crazy stalker that won't leave you alone? MAke sure to not wash your hair, they won't want to get your crusty dandruff flakes all over them. Don't brush your teeth either. Keep it mellow yellow. Nobody likes a crust with dog breath.

Sagittarius: Batter up! You better have your catcher's mitt with you. Your immune system could be weak and fragile. You better watch who your getting close to. You're liable to catch the daggum Ebola. Better get some tissues for your issues because it's gonna be a long month.

Capricorn: Unlike your unlucky friends the Scorpios and the Sags, you're bound to have an epiphany. Let your creative side run free like a gazelle. Your artsy side is bound to show this month.

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