Friday, October 24, 2014

Last year, last movie, forever long memorie

By: Megan Frampton
   Since the age of nine, senior Wes Withrow has been intrigued by the idea of filming and the movie making process. His assistant producer, senior Matt Groves, has shared the same passion since he was in middle school. Together, and with friends, they have made about 20 movies/videos, but the three main movies known by them are: “The Summer People,” “Post Hocalyptica,” and “The Adventures of Captain English.”
   In the making now is their fourth movie, titled, “#2 School Street.” The plot of this story is about a nerd (senior Adam Bailey) who only has one friend who happens to be the most popular guy in the school (senior Nick Jefferies). The story is inspired but not exactly based on “21 Jump Street,” “Superbad,” and a previous original movie of their own.
   Withrow said, “The reason that we are doing this is to go across the stereotype that the popular kid is always a jerk.”  
   Throughout the series of events, the duo becomes aware of gang activities that have been happening in their school and are determined to find the root of the cause. Many seniors actors will be helping in this movie: Justin Coles, Morgan Pierson, Tucker Miller, Brandon Well, Brandon Parrish, Jacob Comer, Arik Sheets, Madison Sanders, and Caleigh Neil.
   To Groves and Withrow, the best experience of making these movies is spending time with friends and having fun. Withrow says, “When we try to do serious movies, we end up breaking out laughing. Especially twice as much when we are actually making a comedy.”
   Throughout their high school career, Withrow and Groves have constructed four movies for their classroom assignments. They have done one for former Ripley teacher Tricia King, “A Mid Summers Night Dream”, one for 10th grade teacher Emily Okes, “The Summer People”, and two for AP teacher Jamie Meckley (formally known as Ms. Kerns), “The Marvelous Adventures of Captain English” and “Post Hocalyptica”.
   When asked if she felt Withrow put in a lot of work in his videos, Meckley responded with, “Absolutely! Wes is highly creative when having a vision for a task. He executes it with 110% regardless of the minimal requirements; he will always go above and beyond.”
     She describes Groves as, “ambitious, driven, hardworking, and always ready to take the lead.”
   Meckley believes that these qualities will enable Groves to be successful in his film making future.
   Meckley hopes to use these films for her future students to provide an example and hopefully “raise the bar.”
   These boys along with the rest of the crew have worked extremely hard and are excited to begin the filming in November. If you would like to stay updated with their journey to the end, they welcome you to follow the twitter account @2SchoolStreet. There is also a trailer link to YouTube on the Twitter page.


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