Thursday, October 30, 2014

Miss(ter) Pretty in Pink Pageant raises funds

Miss(ter) Pretty in Pink pageant raises funds
By: Lucas Blankenship
   Saturday October 18, the Ripley High School cheerleaders put on the Miss(ter) Pretty in Pink pageant to raise money not only for themselves but also for breast cancer research.
   The evening was kicked off with a speech by Becky Tucker, a breast cancer survivor.
   “I got Facebook messages, text messages, phone calls, flowers, quilts, letters, cards, and anything else you can think of, some from people I didn’t even know,” she said.  “Remember the blessings.  You are not alone.”
   The event was hosted by English teacher Jamie Meckley who introduced the contestants: seniors Easton Berry, Morgan Graves, Bradley Knotts, Triston Lanham, and Eldrick Millares; juniors Tyler Hilbert, J.J. Mahan, Cody Pittenger, and Aaron Wilkinson; sophomores Dalton Fisher, Anthony Jarvis, and Todd Withrow.  The Senior Division included Coach Luke Parsons and Morgan Clendinen.
   Meckley gave a performance of her own with a rendition of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” between the introduction and talent portions.
   “I enjoyed singing on stage,” said Meckley.  “I love entertaining, which is why I enjoy teaching as well.”
   For the talent portion, most contestants danced or lip synched, while some did something different.
   “My mime routine was a last minute decision,” said Withrow.  “I didn’t want to do the same thing as everyone else.”
   Next came the evening gown competition where the contestants paraded in their finest dresses.
   “Now I know why it takes girls so long to get ready,” said Wilkinson, who looked like a princess in his pink ball gown and tiara.  “I felt pretty.”
   During the intermission, attendees got the chance to vote for their favorite contestant by dropping money into pink paper bags with the participants’ names.  Lanham won “Fan Favorite” as well as the overall competition with his shocking jump split at the end of his dance routine during the talent portion.
   “I thought it was a good experience and a lot of fun,” said Lanham who was not expecting to win.  “After that split,  my legs were shaking and my back was numb.  Bradley Knotts had to help me down the steps because I could barely walk.  That split was pure adrenaline.  I just did it and threw my earrings into the crowd.”
   The cheerleaders raised over $500 for themselves and more than $360 for breast cancer research.

   “The pageant was very successful,” said cheerleader Kelsey Holmes.  “The boys had a lot of fun.”

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