Monday, October 27, 2014

New academic policy putting more students on social probation  

By: Abbey Vidrine

   Social probation is a restriction placed upon a student who fails to demonstrate responsible behavior and who has chosen to violate the school's code of conduct, school board policy or the law. Several factors can decide whether or not a student will be placed on social probation, which some are new to students. Social probation has always dealt with attendance, behavior, and WESTEST scores. However, an academic component has been added to the list this year.
   If a student receives two or more F’s on their six- week report card, they will immediately be placed on social probation. The punishment will last six weeks. Many students question why their grades determine if they will be placed on social probation.
   Junior Caylee Painter adds, “What if they put you in classes that you don’t want to be in, but you can’t switch out, and it’s too hard for you to do?”
   However, Principal Will Hosaflook explained, “If students give maximum effort, there is no way that they are going to fail.”
   He went on to explain that academics are also Ripley High’s mission statement, and that is what he is trying to protect. It is all about accountability, and preparing students for their life beyond high school.
   Although this may only last six weeks, students still have an opportunity to be relieved from their punishment. Any student placed on social probation can attend after- school tutoring for 18 hours. This would be equivalent to nine school days, compared to a whole six weeks. Academic social probation is based on every six week’s report card. Therefore, students always have the chance to bring up their grades and get off probation. Other arrangements can be made with the administration to relieve a student from social probation as well. They can also do credit recovery or attend summer school.
   When on social probation, participation in extracurricular activities will not be permitted. Violators will be escorted from the premises, and trespassing charges may be filed. Administration is always looking out for students on social probation during after school activities. At sporting events, the staff uses student WEVIS numbers to print off pictures of everyone on social probation. Also, Students cannot buy any dance tickets prior to or at the dance.
   Social probation is a result of misbehavior, violation of the school’s attendance, and its academic policy. It has affected several students at Ripley High School and will continue to do so.


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