Friday, October 24, 2014

Puppy Mill Raid in Jackson County

By: Cassidy Tolley
   October 1, more than 130 dogs were seized from a puppy mill in Sandyville.  The dogs were living in terrible conditions and were nearly starving.  Currently, the majority of the animals are residing at the Jackson County Animal Shelter.  These animals are in desperate need of donations and care as the shelter is at its maximum capacity.
   On the day of the seize, officials took note of the dogs surroundings.  Over 130 dogs were crammed into a small house.  Their fur was matted, their food (if any) was moldy, and feces covered the floor.  The raid was provoked by a video of the residence that was posted to Facebook.
   The woman who operated the mill was Shirley Rhodes. October 6, Rhodes was arraigned on 45 counts of animal cruelty.  Her pre-trial date is set for February 9, 2015.
   As of press time, the shelters of both the Jackson County and the Mid Ohio Valley are seeking donations.  They are in need of supplies such as blankets, food, cleaning supplies, money, and especially volunteers.
“Volunteers are most valuable,” said Rachel, a Humane Officer at the Animal Shelter. “So many people have graciously donated supplies, but now we need help.”
   In Ripley High, many clubs, such as the Thespian Club and Main Street Teens, are accepting donations to give to the shelter.  Monetary donations for vet costs can also be made at Ripley Animal Clinic and Ripley Paws.
“Anything helps.” said Shelia Chambers, a worker at the local shelter.

   It is extremely important that we as a community band together to help the shelter.  Many of the dogs seized in the raid are ready for adoption.  The shelter started accepting applications October 19.  As of press time, over 150 applications have been sent to the shelter. If you would like a new member of your family, make sure to adopt from the shelter!

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