Monday, November 3, 2014

Homecoming 2014 slays

By: Cassidy Tolley
   Homecoming 2014 was an event to remember.  Everything from the spooky parade to our win at the football game went off without a hitch.  The hard work of the school and Student Council paid off to create lasting memories shared by the entire community.  It was a great weekend to be a Viking.
   The week of October 19 was float-building week at Ripley High.  Each grade built their float at a different location.  Each class constructed their float corresponding with the overall Homecoming theme, Haunted Homecoming.  The freshmen built a float with the theme of “Halloween Town” from an old Disney movie.  The sophomores theme was Scooby Doo, juniors had a Haunted House, and the seniors modeled their float off of “The Walking Dead”.
   “The theme made it difficult for the floats to be different,” said senior and student body president Jade Donohew.  “There’s only so much you could do.”
   Each class was given $100 of school money to spend on their float.  The rest was to be donated or should come out of the students own pockets.
   Friday, October 24, the parade started at 1 p.m.  It followed the usual route through Ripley.  However, this year, judges of the floats were placed anonymously around town.  All of the floats looked great and really complimented the theme of Homecoming well.
   “The parade did end up going really well.  It was our main goal this year for everyone to be involved in the parade, not just Student Council.” said Jade Donohew.
   After the parade came the school pep rally, where the results of the float competition were announced.  The sophomores won due to participation during the construction of their float.  The juniors came in second, seniors in third, and the freshmen in fourth.
   “Student participation is important, but it shouldn’t overcome the final product of the float,”  said teacher and float adviser Emily Okes.
   Also during the pep rally, the “Kiss the Pig” Contest winner, Coach Evan Faulker, kissed the pig.  Social Studies teacher AJ Cooper, who came in second, also kissed the pig by student demand.
   Later that night at Death Valley, the Vikings faced off against Lincoln County Panthers.  At half time the Homecoming Court were announced and featured in the middle of the field.  The freshmen king and queen were Ranse Gandee and Ashton Ratliff, sophomores Devin Hunt Lauren Hopper, and juniors Xavier Boyce and Morgan Pursley.  The candidates for Homecoming king were Matt Groves, Cody Edens, and Eldrick Milares.  Queen candidates were Elizabeth King, Morgan Pierson, and Jade Donohew.  At this time the winners for Homecoming King and Queen were announced and crowned, Groves and Donohew.  It was a great game and an even better victory when Ripley beat Lincoln County 41-7.
   Saturday, October 25, was spent for the majority of Ripley High’s students getting ready for the dance.  Earlier that morning, Student Council helped to decorate the gymnasium and prep for the dance.  At 8 p.m. the dance started.  Over 100 students attended as well as more than 16 chaperones.  The night was filled with dancing and beautiful couples.  It was a great finale to a wonderful Homecoming.

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