Monday, November 3, 2014

Years of hard work pays off for Poole
By: Megan Frampton
   An exciting thing has occurred in our music department! Ripley High’s band instructor has been inducted into the West Virginia Marching Band Directors Hall of Fame. Sherry Poole of Ripley, Jackson County; Julia Kade of Princeton, Mercer County; and Rhonda E. Smalley of Huntington, Cabell County, were the first three picks of the newly created Hall of Fame. This induction took place October 25th at the 3rd annual West Virginia Marching Band Invitational on the University of Charleston’s field.
   Poole has been in the music industry for 39 years and the director here at the high school since 1990. She has won an abundant amount of trophies and awards and is grateful for all of the hard work from her students.
    Poole believes that her “high quality performances and recognition of the band and band members throughout West Virginia” qualified her to be inducted into this Hall of Fame.
   When asked what her first reaction was to finding out this awesome news, Poole said, “I was shocked, surprised, and of course I was honored.”
   Because band has been in her life for so long, she feels as if it is part of her and without it, it would be as if there was a piece missing. Although it may be stressful sometimes, it really is a passion of Poole’s. Poole would like to thank her students for making this opportunity possible.
    Senior, Clayton Swisher, stated, “ I do feel as if Mrs. Poole is deserving of this award because she puts in so must time and effort and you can see that she cares about band.” 
Some students stood out on the field with Poole while she was receiving her award: Caleigh Neil, Erica Gibbson, Jordan Whited, Cheslea Fisher and Kelsey Frampton (WVU Color Gaurd members) and Savannah Jones.
   She stated, “I didn’t do it by myself. Other people like past directors I have worked for, the people who have been assistants over the years, plus, all of the students who have worked very hard to allow us to put out a quality product like we do, and all of the parents and the boosters that have worked behind the scenes. They have been behind me. If I didn’t have that kind of support, it wouldn’t be possible. It takes everybody. Just because I am the person in charge, I am getting the recognition but it really belongs to everyone who has helped with the program.


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