Friday, February 13, 2015

Change in the dance dress code policy

Prior to the Sweetheart Ball of this year, females attending dances were required to submit a picture of their dresses to an email for approval. The picture of the dress was then reviewed by a team of female staff members who decided if the dress was appropriate.  The review committee primarily considered the amount of skin showing, neckline, and cutouts.  If the dress was not appropriate, the staff members were supposed to reply to the student’s email with suggestions on how to fix their attire before attending the dance. If that female did not fix her dress, she could be asked to leave the school dance when she arrived.
    However, this policy has changed as of February 10, 2015. Students are no longer required to submit a picture of their attire. However, submission is suggested if the dress is “questionable”.  As with any inappropriate clothing worn during the school day, students can be asked to change, cover up, leave or be subject to discipline by the administrative team.  Common consequences in appropriate dress or refusal to change are In-School Suspension or refusal to future dances.
   This adaptation of the dance dress code in no way affects the policy in place for the regular school day.
   If you would still like to submit a picture of your dress for approval, email it to prior to prom. Feedback will be returned quickly.