Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Meet Ali

Hey guys, I'm Ali Cobb and this is my junior year. My birthday is December 8, and I am currently 16. This is my first year in Newspaper and so far I like it a lot. I'm also in yearbook this year too. I like to hang out with friends and watch Netflix in my free time. I plan on going to Marshal University and major in nursing or psychology.  Thanks for reading!

What To Watch This Halloween

By: Ali Cobb

  When you think about Halloween, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the movies. These are some of the Halloween films that are best known, most liked,  and the ones that are available to watch on Netflix.  
     There are over 40 good Halloween movies on available to watch on Netflix.  The first recommendation is “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, an animated movie directed by Henry Selick. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is about a skeleton man from Halloween Town who opens a portal to Christmastown and decides to stay and celebrate the holiday, but some serious consequences come about. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is categorized as an animated movie for the whole family.  Having both holidays combined into one movie makes it interesting because most Halloween movies focus on scaring.
  The next movie available on Netflix is the “Saw” series. The first “Saw” came out in 2004 and was directed by James Wan. Unlike “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, “Saw” is not necessarily a family movie because it has some very gruesome scenes.  Although this is not categorized as a Halloween movie, it is scary enough to fit the holiday.  Gruesome scenes make you cringe.  Find someone to hold your hand through this one.
  ABC Family is known for it’s “13 Nights Of Halloween.”  Though it started October 19, you can still catch a lot of funny, friendly favorites.  
Monday October 26  - “Sleepy Hollow”, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and, “Frankenweenie”.  
Tuesday October 27 -  “Hocus Pocus” and, “ParaNorman”.
Wednesday October 28 -  “Dark Shadows”  and, “Casper”.  
Thursday October 29 - “The Addams Family”, and “The Addams Family Values”.
Friday October 30 - “Poltergeist” and, “Poltergeist II: The Other Side” ABC Family will be Saturday - “Batman” and “Batman Returns”.
  You can also go to your nearest Redbox and rent some scary movies such as, “Unfriended”, “Poltergeist” and, “Insidious Chapter 3”.  Hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Disney homecoming parade creates energy

By: Cheyenne Jones

   Homecoming was October 16-17. This years theme was "All Things Disney." Each class worked hard to create a float for the parade with the movie theme of their choice, and the Ripley High School Band played a medley of Disney songs.  The parade led up to a spectacular pep rally.

The freshmen class's theme was from the movie "Up" and showcased many colored birds.

The Homecoming theme this year was Disney, so of course Mickey showed up with all his friends.

The junior classes theme was "Peter Pan" with Peter and Wendy!

Sophomores chose "101 Dalmatians" and they definitely had a lot of Dalmatians!

Seniors did "Toy Story". They had Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and the whole gang!

The Ripley High School Band marched in the parade!

 The Ripley High School Color Guard dances to a medley of classic Disney songs!

Meet Cassidy

Hey everyone!  My name is Cassidy Tolley and I'm a senior here at Ripley High School.  This is my second year writing for The Viking Press, and I am thinking about majoring in journalism at college next year.  I am an active member of Student Council, as well as Hi-Y and our track team.  In my spare time, I am either working at my job at Pete's Hotdogs, or Ripley Elementary School for co-op.  I love being outdoors and spend a lot of my weekends kayaking or hiking with my friends and family.  To shamelessly self-promote, you can find me on Instagram @CassidyBrooke87 or on Twitter @Cassidy_BrookeT. 

School nurse receives National Board Certification

By: Cassidy Tolley

  For the past 11 years, Kristen Stover has been a nurse at Ripley High School.  She has put in time and effort to care for many students here at our school, and we are grateful for her work.  Now, we are even more proud of our nurse as she has passed and received the National Board Certification for School Nurses (NBCSN).
  Professional certification provides an ongoing and valuable qualification for school nurses and educators.  However, National Boards go one step farther.  The certificate represents a national standard of excellence for school nurses across the country.  For Stover, it is a credential that showcases her time and dedication to school nursing.
  When asked why she wanted to acquire her certification, Stover said “I wanted to see how far I could push myself professionally.”
  To receive your NBCSN, you must first be a school nurse in your county for a minimum of three to five years.  You must also have a bachelor's degree and have a registered nurse license.  The exam itself is an extensive test composed of 250 multiple choice questions.
  Stover prepared for the exam by studying three days a week during this past summer.  She studied with friend and fellow school nurse Cassandra Judge, who works at both Cottageville and Evans schools.  Judge also received her National Board Certification.
  “We would study in the mornings,” said Stover. “The exam was four hours long, so we had to put in a lot of time.”
  Receiving the NBCSN is the highest honor for a school nurse.  Stover said that she would also like to thank her family and friends for supporting her through the exam.  All of us at Ripley High are extremely proud of Stover and would like to congratulate our nurse for all of her hard work.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

In loving memory of Brooklyn Kay Rogers

   Brooklyn Rogers, 17 years old, was a senior at Ripley High School when she passed away of injuries sustained in a car accident October 19, 2015.
   Brooklyn was the daughter of Crystal Gail Donohew of Sandyville, and Christopher Shawn Rogers of Evans. She was also a sister to Shawn Rogers of Evans and Robert Zane Summers of Sandyville.  Step-family members include: Bill Ferrebee, Rose Beegle, Conor Ferrebee, Bryan Hunt, Savannah Ferrebee, Bre Matheny, and Holli Chase.
  Brook described herself as a tomboy, and often enjoyed being outdoors and riding four wheelers or going muddin’ with her buddies.
   “Anything a boy would do, she would try to do better,” friend Tayler Radabaugh said.   “Since middle school, we’ve always had classes together…I remember a PowerPoint on somewhere we’d like to go.  She did Spain and the running of the bulls.  I wanted to do it with her because she made it sound really fun,” Radabaugh said.
   Throughout her high school career, Brook actively participated in FFA, including serving as a middle school officer.
   “She was on a lot of Career Development Event teams.  Last year she competed in the vet science team with me, and we always joked around that one of our goals was to see how mad we could get Tara (our coach) on animal IDs.  We would tease and say that a horse was a goat,” friend Annie Garnes said.
  Her love of animals was widely known outside of school as well.   She co-oped for the Jackson County Animal Shelter every morning, and aspired to become a veterinary technician.
   “Brook was sweet and easy to work with.  One of Brook’s biggest interests was cats.  She spent any free time in the cat room.  She had two favorites, which her mother has since adopted,” Sheila Chambers, Humane Officer, said.
   Although as a co-op student she mostly did cleaning, she was learning shots and had an introduction to some of the things that would help her future career.
   “On behalf of the Animal Shelter, we are devastated.  We are going to miss her tremendously, and we want to wish her family peace,” Chambers said.
   The school and community mourn the loss with Brook’s family of such a wonderful person. 
   “She was a really gifted artist, and she was just smart and clever and funny. Our class is not the same because she is not in it anymore,” teacher Carol Greene said.
   A prayer chain was presented to the family with memories from the student body.  In addition, the Class of 2016 is purchasing a brick engraved with her name for the Fallen Vikings Memorial in the school courtyard.  We have appreciated the condolences of other schools around the state, including St. Joseph’s High School (Huntington) and George Washington and Riverside High Schools (Kanawha County).

   Visitation at Casto Funeral Home in Evans will be held 3-7 p.m., Sunday Oct. 25.  The funeral service will be Monday at 1 p.m.

Friday, October 23, 2015

DIY Halloween made easier

By: Madisyn McCann
   Halloween decorations are a must for this time of year so make sure to prepare with creativity.  If you have trouble coming up with your own ideas, Pinterest is a great tool to use to find directions for decorations and recipes.   Starting with a plain, boring recipe and putting a spooky twist on it is always the best way to go.  Common Halloween recipes include caramel apples, roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin roles, and mummy dogs.  You can always alter recipes to make them easier or more difficult to make.

What you will need:
4 full sized apples (any type)
Caramel melts
Melon baller or metal Tbsp scoop
Sucker or cake pop sticks
Wax paper
Cookie sheet

1. Boil the apples to remove the waxy out covering of the apples.
2. Then use the melon baller or metal tablespoon to scoop out sections of the apple. 
3. After all the balls are scooped out place them on a wax paper covered cookie sheet and stick the cake pop or sucker sticks in each one. 
4. Follow the directions on the caramel packaging to melt them.  Then let it cool down so it can thicken.
5. Dip your apples in the caramel and place them back on the cookie sheet.
6. You can dip the mini caramel apples in sprinkles after dipping them into the caramel to give them something extra!
*A little extra advice, do not store them in the fridge because they precipitate and can cause the caramel to come off.

   When you are picking out a decoration or craft to try, make sure it is at your level of experience or it will end in frustration and a giant mess.  Carving pumpkins and decking out your porch are two common ways to decorate for Halloween.  This Halloween no-carve pumpkin decorating has become more popular than actual carving because it’s classier and less messy.  A pumpkin-decorating favorite on Pinterest has been nail head monogrammed pumpkin.  This craft is fast and easy.  You can purchase the things needed for the craft at Wal-Mart.  If the store you shop at has colored pumpkins, you can buy those instead of painting one.

            What you will need:
            Any sized pumpkin
            Acrylic or tempra paint (if wanted)
            Paint brush
            Nail head or thumb tacks
            Paper copy of the monongram
            Plastic wrap

1. Paint the pumpkin (if wanted).  It might take a couple coats to fully cover the pumpkin.
2. After pumpkin has dried, lightly dampen the paper copy of the monogram with water.
3. Place the damp paper onto the pumpkin and wrap plastic wrap completely around the pumpkin.  (This keeps the paper in place.)
4. Use a knife or anything sharp to stick holes in the pumpkin following the outline of the monogram.
5. Remove the paper from the pumpkin and place the nail heads or thumb tacks following the holes made earlier. 
 You now have a beautiful pumpkin to place on your porch for everyone to see!

Meet Maddy

Hey pals, I'm Maddy McCann (formerly known as Hinzman) and I'm a senior at Ripley High School! I've played softball for 11 years and might be playing this year.  I enjoy coffee and reading books. ☕️ I'd like to say I'm an avid Netflix watcher, but I have started 3 different shows and have only made it to season 2 of each one. I like to spend time with friends and some of my family.  I cherish the time I spend with loved ones because you aren't promised tomorrow. ❤️  I enjoy working with animals and plan to continue into a career working with them at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville or the University of Alabama! Thanks for reading! (:

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Meet Lucas

Hello, I'm Lucas Blankenship and I am a senior editor of the Viking Press. My hobbies include looking at cars I cannot afford, saying "me" or "same" when anything happens, and holding my dogs against their will. I am also an avid Netflix watcher and I enjoy acoustic covers of hip-hop songs and long drives at night to Little Caesars. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @lucas_enship 😎👽💸

Meet Krissa

Hey guys! My name is Krissa Scarberry and I am currently a senior at Ripley High School. For most of you that know me, I'm very easy going and I love making new friends so you should never be afraid to talk to me! I LOVE God and I'll say it every day.  I am a varsity cheerleader and I also run track. After high school I aspire to go to college in Florida and earn my master's in Early Childhood Education. My hobbies include binge watching Netflix (mostly Grey's Anatomy) for hours at a time and if you want to find me during the day I'm probably sitting in the corner booth at Sheetz drinking a french vanilla cappuccino. ☕️  Thanks for taking the time to read this, and you can also find me on Instagram (@krissascarberry) and Twitter (@krissaleighx3)!

Haunted Houses

By: Ashtun Welling

  Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for some spooky fun then look no further. Haunted houses, haunted hayrides, oh my haunted trails too.
  St. Albans Sanatorium Unchained. Address 6248 University Park Dr. Radford, Va. This historical landmark has a linger of haunted spirits. They lurk around the asylum. It’s open every Friday and Saturday of October. Tickets $15 but $20 if you want to jump the line. Ticket sales will begin at 6 p.m. Scaring will begin at 7 p.m. but ticket sales will continue until midnight. Others have rated this haunted house four out of five stars.
  Grey-skull Manor. Address 450 Rosebud Plaza Clarksburg, WV. The haunted house is in the old Save-a-lot building. Next door to the Rite-Aid pharmacy. This haunted house benefits the Children's Hospital. James Vanscoy is the director of the haunted house. Every year he moves this haunted house to a new location, never the same spot twice. Ticket sales will stop at 10 o'clock in the evening except for Fridays and Saturdays, which tickets will be sold until midnight. Single rates for grown-ups are $20 per person, but kids under age 10 can enter for $15. Special rates can be arranged for groups. This haunted house was rated best in the state. 
 Haunted School of Terror. Address 2850 Weir Avenue Weirton,WV. Open Thursday 29th, also every Friday and Saturday of October. Built in 1939, this school has taught a lot of souls. Let’s see if you can make it out alive and earn that diploma. A part of the earnings from this attraction will go towards Piece by Peace Autism. Tickets are $13 regular $16 VIP admission.

Jackson County public hanging starts ghost story

By: Cheyenne Jones

  Jackson County is known for 4-H and 4th of July, but we are also known for the last public hanging in West Virginia.
  A man named John Morgan stopped by the Pfost-Greene family, on Grasslick Road in Fairplain on November 4, 1897. Answering the door was 70-year-old Chloe Pfost Greene with her two daughters, Alice and Matilda Pfost and her son, James Greene. They were very happy to see John, he had once lived with the family while working on their farm. As the night wore on Mrs. Pfost invited John to stay the night. John stayed, knowing the family had sold a horse for $100. In 1897 $100 was a lot of money, $4,000 to be exact, however it is still not enough money to kill a whole family for.
  Around 4 a.m. James woke up to feed the hogs as he did every morning. That morning John followed James to the pig pen where he killed him with an axe. Then John went back into the house where the women were serving breakfast. He struck Matilda twice, killing her. He went after Alice next, thinking he had killed her. After that he went after Mrs. Pfost and killed her while she was making her bed in the upstairs bedroom. Alice managed to run out of the house half conscious and make it to the neighbor’s house for help. She was the only one to survive the murders. John Morgan was arrested the next day and was hung 43 days later on December 16, 1897.
  The hanging took place on what is now the Ripley High School football field. It was the last public hanging to take place in West Virginia.  The farmhouse where the murders took place was later torn down. Before the house was torn down, it was said to have a blood stain on the floor that couldn’t be removed. Today it is rumored that at night you can see Alice running through the fields screaming for help.

Information from: The Marietta Times

Ripley football first win against Nitro

By: Calista Boggess
  Our Vikings celebrated their first win of the season at Nitro October 2.
  The Ripley viking football team headed to Nitro with high expectations. Those expectations paid off because the score was 34-0 in our favor. Both Ripley and Nitro had a losing streak but Ripley broke theirs with the win. Ripley has a tradition of beating Nitro for the past several years.
  The players and coaches were pumped about the victory.
  “It was a gratifying feeling that players and the assistant coach are able to benefit and relish in the fact that all their hard work paid off,” stated coach Eddy Smoulder.
  With improved attitudes and spirits the Ripley viking football team prepared for what was the next “big” game. The team played Parkersburg October 16 with the score 16-7, Parkersburg winning. Students thought we might win again when the score was tied 7-7, however, unfortunately the mascot got ahead. Our plans to beat them were to have good defense and not let them score but also get out there and make winning plays ourselves.
  The football team tried their hardest, nevertheless, there's always the next game. The next home game is on November 6, the Hatchet game.

‘Got UR Goat’ entrepreneur on rise

By: Haley Taylor
A young entrepreneur is on the rise at Ripley High. Sophomore Anna Kimble has started her own business by selling goat milk products. However, maintaining a successful business in high school is challenging.
  Kimble said, “There is a lot of late nights involved where I don’t get to bed till midnight.”
   She has been raising goats all of her life and has recently decided to make a profit off of it. She has a total of 16 goats, but only two dairy goats that are put to use. Kimble has been very ambitious since none of her family has done this in the past. Even though her family does not have past experience in goat milk making they are still very helpful.
  “My mom supports me by staying up late at night watching over the hot process.”
  She is putting all of the money made towards college. With Kimble just being in the tenth grade, money will sure add up by the time she is ready to graduate from high school to pay off the hefty expenses.
  “I hope to save enough money to get me into a successful science focused school.”
  The first thing Kimble started to sell was homemade goat milk soap for $4. She makes the soap by combining oils and lye into a crock pot. Since then she has gotten creative and is now selling a wide variety of products such as: body butters, lotions, and bath bombs. For being so young the quality is very impressive.
Sophomore Kristen Templin said, “I have purchased the bath bombs. It made my skin super soft. ‘It felt like heaven.’”
 These things are even scented! Her most popular scents are honey almond oatmeal, tutti fruiti, toasted marshmallow, pumpkin cheesecake, and gardenia.
   Anna advertises by word of mouth, making her target customers children her age and the staff at the high school. She is also starting to set up her own booths at fairs and festivals.  You see goat milk products in the stores, but many do not trust what is on the label unlike Kimble where you know you are getting truth. If anyone is interested check out her page on Facebook, “Got UR Goat.”!

Homecoming candidates

By: Haley Taylor
The homecoming activities hit off the weekend of October 16. The underclassmen court members were freshmen Easton Perry and Kelsey Hill; sophomores Brayden Campbell and Grace Bumpus; juniors Ridge Dalrymple and Sarah Victory. 
Senior candidates for king were J.J. Mahan, Kurt Pursley, and Tyler Hilbert. The female candidates were Darby Petersen, Maddi Randolph, and Jeana Mahan. Mr. and Mrs. Viking were crowned at halftime of the game against the Big Reds. This year our 2015 King and Queen are J.J. Mahan and Maddi Randolph.

Our senior candidates posing for a picture before the parade.

Boys’ soccer winning season

By: Haley Taylor
This year our boys’ soccer team has given everything they have from the beginning of the season to their final game. The attitude the boys possess is a large contributor to their winning season.  The team is 13-5 with one tie.
   Senior Skye Stover said, “This year it is all different. We believe in ourselves and the talent the team has altogether. We know we can make it to states and we get one step closer every game.”
  They are currently ranked  number 5 in the state. Their winning streak lasted an amazing nine games straight.
  “We had some bad calls against Woodrow Wilson both times,” said junior Sean Fields.
    Though the team fell flat against the Flying Eagles twice, they recouped their energy quickly.  The biggest victory this year was beating the previously ranked number 1 seed George Washington, 1-0.
   Senior Kurt Pursley said, “Beating GW was my favorite memory this year by far. Not only did we get a win, but it was great to see more fans especially students there to witness the hard work we put in.”
  The team is lead by six seniors this year. All of them have played soccer all their lives so it will be a bittersweet to see them move on.
   Junior Elijah Randolph said, “I will miss the seniors a lot. Not only are they great leaders but also great friends. I think the whole team can agree with me that this year our team has a tight bond that is unlike any other year.”
  Thursday October 15 the boys had their final regular season match. They took on Ravenswood beating them 10-1.
  Junior Trevor Kessell said, “It was a huge win to finish out the season. Beating Ravenswood was another great victory for us.”
  However, their season is not over yet. The boys still have to work hard to make their way to states. Wednesday, October 23, the team played Capital for their semifinals match in the sectional tournament resulting in Ripley with the win, 3-2.
   Be sure to cheer on our boys as they compete against several teams to conquer their goal of becoming state champions! Our school has full confidence we will be cheering them on at states next month!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

DIY Party decorations easy on wallet

By: Ashtun Welling  

 Have you ever wanted to be creative and make your own party decorations? If you desire to spook up your  castle without spending a bunch of money, here are some quick and easy ideas to get you started.

Floating witch hat luminaries
  • You’ll need: LED light stick, safety pin, and OutDoor Command Hooks.
  1. After you’ve figured out where you’d like the witch hat to hang, attach one command hook to the ceiling in each spot.
  2. String about 2-3 feet of fishing line onto the needle. Feed the needle through the fishing line through to the interior of the hat, but leave it on the outside of the hat. So that you have some line to hang your witch hat.
  3. Remove the needle and tie the fishing line around the safety pin to attach a light stick. It can be LED or the temporary kind, just make sure it’s light weight. If the stick is too heavy it can affect your witch hat.
  4. Now just tie a loop on the top of the hat and hang it on the command hook. They look great indoors as well.

  Glow in the dark Pumpkins
  • You’ll need: Plastic Pumpkins, and Tulip Glow-in-the-Dark paint.
You can have a real pumpkin if you want, if you don’t plan on carving them. I chose plastic because a plastic one you could keep it for as long as you’d like.

  1. So grab your paint and start drawing on your pumpkin. The design it completely up to you.
  2. Grab your next color and start adding it right along your first color. Just remember to leave some white spaces to add some negative space. So your pumpkin isn’t overpowering.  
  3. Keep drawing until your masterpiece if complete. If you have a black light test out your pumpkin if not wait until nightfall. Enjoy your Jack-o-glow.