Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Boggess inducted into National Guard

By: Lucas Blankenship

   September 25, senior Garrett Boggess was formally inducted to the National Guard in Beckley. More than 20 others who also wished to be inducted that weekend joined him.
   “I joined to help pay for college,” said Boggess. “There are a lot of jobs the military can offer after college too. I already have one lined up for me and it’s actually the one I wanted.”
   He will be working with field artillery software in Morgantown next year.
   Boggess chose the National Guard as opposed to other branches because he would be able to stay in West Virginia and go to WVU in the spring.
   “I joined early so I could start college a semester late instead of a whole year late,” he said.
   To join, Boggess had to either have a recruiter contact him or contact one himself. After filling out the paperwork, Boggess was invited to the Military Entrance Program (MEPs) in Beckley September 24 and 25 to be evaluated for any physical or mental troubles and inducted.
   “It was actually really cool,” the guardsman said. “They put us up in a hotel in Beckley and fed us.”
   Boggess will leave for basic training June 29 and will be in Fort Jackson, South Carolina until early November. But until then, Boggess will be doing drill training around the state beginning October 17.
   “Drill is kind of like a practice basic training. We learn how to march and what to expect from basic,” he said.
   His sister, sophomore Calista Boggess said, “The house will be much quieter. We will all miss him very much.”

   We all wish Boggess the best of luck this year and beyond.

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