Tuesday, October 20, 2015

DIY costumes easy for last minute

By: Ashtun Welling

  Did you have a second thoughts on going trick or treating? Maybe you changed plans on going to that party? Need a costume? Whatever your last minute decision is. We have a few ideas that could spark off your creative side. Some of these outfits you may already have it at home, just waiting to be put together.
  A stick figure is pretty simple, and since you draw them in school you know how easy they are. You’ll need a long white sleeved shirt and white pants. A paper plate, black tape and a black marker. On the white sleeved shirt take the tape then put a strip of tape down the middle of the shirt. Don’t forget about the sleeves. Next is to put some tape down the legs of the pants. The paper plate cut out holes for the eyes. Draw with the black marker around the eyes, then draw your other facial features.
    Maybe you want others to know you rather be at home with a “night in” costume. Just wear whatever you binge-watch Netflix in. Wrap a cozy blanket around yourself, pop some popcorn, grab your TV remote.
  A snuggie and a football helmet could turn you into a fantasy football player. Basically a snuggie, a football helmet, and a wizard staff. Just be sure to remember to include something to wield.
  Are you tired of being a witch for Halloween? Perhaps you want to be a risk taker this Halloween and steal somebody's identity. Get a package of those Hello my name is cards, then with a marker write a bunch of different names. Stick them all over your shirt.
  If all else fails another idea is to take an ordinary t-shirt and a black marker. Write on the t-shirt “Error 404:Costume Not Found.” This is a super easy costume that could be done in less than five minutes.

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