Friday, October 23, 2015

DIY Halloween made easier

By: Madisyn McCann
   Halloween decorations are a must for this time of year so make sure to prepare with creativity.  If you have trouble coming up with your own ideas, Pinterest is a great tool to use to find directions for decorations and recipes.   Starting with a plain, boring recipe and putting a spooky twist on it is always the best way to go.  Common Halloween recipes include caramel apples, roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin roles, and mummy dogs.  You can always alter recipes to make them easier or more difficult to make.

What you will need:
4 full sized apples (any type)
Caramel melts
Melon baller or metal Tbsp scoop
Sucker or cake pop sticks
Wax paper
Cookie sheet

1. Boil the apples to remove the waxy out covering of the apples.
2. Then use the melon baller or metal tablespoon to scoop out sections of the apple. 
3. After all the balls are scooped out place them on a wax paper covered cookie sheet and stick the cake pop or sucker sticks in each one. 
4. Follow the directions on the caramel packaging to melt them.  Then let it cool down so it can thicken.
5. Dip your apples in the caramel and place them back on the cookie sheet.
6. You can dip the mini caramel apples in sprinkles after dipping them into the caramel to give them something extra!
*A little extra advice, do not store them in the fridge because they precipitate and can cause the caramel to come off.

   When you are picking out a decoration or craft to try, make sure it is at your level of experience or it will end in frustration and a giant mess.  Carving pumpkins and decking out your porch are two common ways to decorate for Halloween.  This Halloween no-carve pumpkin decorating has become more popular than actual carving because it’s classier and less messy.  A pumpkin-decorating favorite on Pinterest has been nail head monogrammed pumpkin.  This craft is fast and easy.  You can purchase the things needed for the craft at Wal-Mart.  If the store you shop at has colored pumpkins, you can buy those instead of painting one.

            What you will need:
            Any sized pumpkin
            Acrylic or tempra paint (if wanted)
            Paint brush
            Nail head or thumb tacks
            Paper copy of the monongram
            Plastic wrap

1. Paint the pumpkin (if wanted).  It might take a couple coats to fully cover the pumpkin.
2. After pumpkin has dried, lightly dampen the paper copy of the monogram with water.
3. Place the damp paper onto the pumpkin and wrap plastic wrap completely around the pumpkin.  (This keeps the paper in place.)
4. Use a knife or anything sharp to stick holes in the pumpkin following the outline of the monogram.
5. Remove the paper from the pumpkin and place the nail heads or thumb tacks following the holes made earlier. 
 You now have a beautiful pumpkin to place on your porch for everyone to see!


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