Wednesday, October 21, 2015

FBLA goes to Fall Conference

By: Madisyn McCann
   FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) is an organization available to join at Ripley High School run by Tanya Ball, that teaches the proper business ethics to build and carry out a business.    These ladies attended the FBLA Fall Conference in Flatwoods, West Virginia October 5 and October 6.  This year the club includes seniors Ramsie Monk, Ali Hancock, Brooke Carter, Timara Wendall, Laura Shinn, Cheyenne Wright, Whitney French, Katlynn Tolley, and juniors Olivia Ludtman, Brooklyn Hively, and Alex Kelly.  FBLA chapters from all over West Virginia were attending.
   “The FBLA Fall Conference was well worth the trip.  I had a great time learning about all the things FBLA has to offer, and I also really enjoyed the time I got to spend with my chapter.  I’m looking forward to the state competition and my year in FBLA,” said FBLA member junior, Alex Kelly. 
   At the conference they sat through an introduction ceremony followed by presentations and dinner.  After dinner, there was a dance for the students along with activities.  While at the conference the young ladies participated in workshops that showed them the different sections of competitions that they could compete in at the state competition.  They also took tests that told the students which section they would do well in so they can choose a competition and prepare for the state competition.  French scored a 70 percent or higher on the business communications test and was given an award.  If a student places in first, second, or third in the state competition, then they qualify for nationals.   

   If you are interested in joining FBLA next year make sure you are enrolled in a business class if you have not taken one already in the past to join the club.  Although there are no current guys in FBLA, they are able to join. 

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