Thursday, October 22, 2015

‘Got UR Goat’ entrepreneur on rise

By: Haley Taylor
A young entrepreneur is on the rise at Ripley High. Sophomore Anna Kimble has started her own business by selling goat milk products. However, maintaining a successful business in high school is challenging.
  Kimble said, “There is a lot of late nights involved where I don’t get to bed till midnight.”
   She has been raising goats all of her life and has recently decided to make a profit off of it. She has a total of 16 goats, but only two dairy goats that are put to use. Kimble has been very ambitious since none of her family has done this in the past. Even though her family does not have past experience in goat milk making they are still very helpful.
  “My mom supports me by staying up late at night watching over the hot process.”
  She is putting all of the money made towards college. With Kimble just being in the tenth grade, money will sure add up by the time she is ready to graduate from high school to pay off the hefty expenses.
  “I hope to save enough money to get me into a successful science focused school.”
  The first thing Kimble started to sell was homemade goat milk soap for $4. She makes the soap by combining oils and lye into a crock pot. Since then she has gotten creative and is now selling a wide variety of products such as: body butters, lotions, and bath bombs. For being so young the quality is very impressive.
Sophomore Kristen Templin said, “I have purchased the bath bombs. It made my skin super soft. ‘It felt like heaven.’”
 These things are even scented! Her most popular scents are honey almond oatmeal, tutti fruiti, toasted marshmallow, pumpkin cheesecake, and gardenia.
   Anna advertises by word of mouth, making her target customers children her age and the staff at the high school. She is also starting to set up her own booths at fairs and festivals.  You see goat milk products in the stores, but many do not trust what is on the label unlike Kimble where you know you are getting truth. If anyone is interested check out her page on Facebook, “Got UR Goat.”!

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