Wednesday, November 30, 2016

HI- Y brings Christmas to children in Mexico

By: Hannah Gandee

  Christmas time is drawing near and people are buying presents all over the world, but not everyone can afford Christmas. This year HI- Y is helping bring presents to children in Mexico.
  Sophomore Abigail Wilson brought this idea to the club in order to help out her church with their annual project.
  “This project was all donation based and it is a great opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life,” said Wilson.
  The club brought in items such as toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, and other necessities to place in the bags. These items will then be shipped to Mexico to be received by the waiting children.
  Junior Hunter Burdette said, “These kids don’t have a lot, so it’s nice to help and give them Christmas presents.”
     These bags were made and sent out November 9 and number a grand total of four bags to make four children very happy. The bags have traveled from the high school to the church, where they will then be sent all the way to Mexico.
  “It’s awesome to think that these presents are going to kids across the world and we can help make their day a little happier,” said sophomore Bethany Johnson. These bags will hopefully be at their final destination by Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The return of the Adopt-A-Family volleyball tournament

By: Kindra Sarver

  The annual Adopt-a-Family volleyball tournament will take place on December 21. This event is a time when students are dismissed from class to watch, or play, competitive volleyball. The only way it can take place is if we have enough teams to participate, ten teams being the minimum.
  Senior Anthony Jarvis said, “This volleyball tournament is something I have looked forward to every year.”
  Teams must consist of 6-9 players. The only students not able to participate are ones in ISS that day. Groups are able to create their own school appropriate team name. Crazy matching outfits have been a popular choice every year. Last year we saw warp suits, neon colors, and superhero themed outfits.
  In order to partake in this event, whether it be playing or watching, you must pay $1 or bring a canned food items. The proceeds go to the Adopt-A-Family foundation.
  This is a great opportunity for clubs to advertise themselves. Encourage your club to gather a team and partake in the tournament.
  Referees and line judges will be players of Ripley High’s volleyball team. The rules will be standard volleyball guidelines.
   Senior Cassidy Craddock said, “Refing the game can be very stressful and intense. It is still fun, but some players really get into the game. I referee because the volleyball rules are not just common knowledge. If you play you know all the rules, so it is convenient for the players to line judge and referee.”

Friday, November 18, 2016

Hogwarts canned food drive

By: Ashtun Welling
   Hogwarts club has been collecting food for people in need for Thanksgiving break. They have been collecting food for the whole month of November.
  “It’s a competitive helpful way to give back to the community,” said Senior Bronwynn Cox.
  The food is being collected in adviser Nikki Atkinson’s room. The local food pantry will receive the donations because they need it the most.
“It is competitive for the house members to see who can rack up the most points in canned food,” said Junior Brianna Rhodes.   

  They will not be having a food drive for Christmas because Main Street usually does this one. So far the turnout hasn’t been the best. The turnout for the food drive wasn’t a desirable one. Even if you didn’t donate food to the school, you could do your part by giving food to pantries yourself. Every little bit helps, you could make the difference between a child going hungry. Some food pantry options are Calvary, UMC, St. Johns, and No Hunger Food pantry in Ravenswood.

Monday, November 14, 2016

The return of Blue and White Night

By: Kindra Sarver

  As fall sports come to an end, winter sports are preparing for their season. The girls’ and boys’ basketball teams are continuing the newer tradition of Blue and White Night; this event gives the entire community a chance to get a sneak peek of both high school teams. In addition to showcasing the high school teams, Ripley Middle School’s basketball programs will be making an appearance. A fun evening of games, silent auctions, and food can be anticipated.
  Senior Eli Casto said, “I look forward to the three-point shoot-out, which I have participated in the past two years.”
  Games will take place, such as musical chairs, dribble relay, three-legged race, knock-out, and a three-point shooting contest. Members of the 6th Man are encouraged to participate in every game except the three-point shooting contest, which will be for selected members of the teams.
 Girl’s coach John Kennedy said, “The 6th Man’s goal this year is to be more involved in every aspect.”
 While all the fun and games are occurring, a silent auction will be held. The prizes have yet to be announced. The silent auction will be held in the lobby.
 Taking into consideration that the event will begin at 7 p.m. and is intended to last until midnight, food will be provided. Your Family Restaurant from Kenna will be catering and is preparing spaghetti, salad, and hot rolls.
  Tickets for the event will be sold by the teams for $15. If you are a student, however, you may buy a 6th Man shirt for $10 which is your ticket into the event. The shirt is also a ticket to get into every home game free.
  Sophomore Jaelyn Hunt said, “The 6th Man never fails to get the entire crowd to cheer along, which makes playing even more enjoyable.”
   All of the money received will help fund the teams as they represent Ripley High School’s basketball program in the upcoming season. This community event will be held November 18 in the Ripley High gymnasium.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ripley marching band destroys competitors at states

By: Katie Bailey
  October 15, the Ripley High band attended two marching festivals which were the last of band director Sherry Poole’s career. The first competition took place on the Sissonville field where 16 bands competed, Ripley in the highest class that competed. The second competition that they performed for was at Laidley Field in Charleston, where they also competed against 29 bands and were placed in the highest class.
  In the Cavalcade marching competition (Sissonville), the band racked up winnings, receiving first place trophies in general effect, marching, musical effect, color guard, drum major, percussion, band, and patriot.
  The state competition (Charleston), had the band students most excited. In the previous year, the band got 2nd runner-up in the state. This year they practiced harder than ever over the summer and in after-school practices which turned out for the better, bumping them up to 1st runner-up. The band received six trophies which currently tower over the lockers in front of the office in the band room.
  “It was hard to believe that this was my last band competition,” said Poole. “It didn’t really bother me Saturday because I wasn’t thinking about it. I’m so proud that my students did so well and I wouldn’t change a thing about their performance.”
  After the state competition, West Virginia University marching band played their pre-game show for the audience, bringing the high school bands alumni back. They strived to inspire young band-letes to continue music into college and to never stop something that you love.

  Alyssa Bumpus,  Ripley High alumni said, “It was truly a privilege to perform for an audience that included the Ripley Viking Marching Band and other bands across the state.”

Monday, October 31, 2016

Ripley High hyped for Spirit Week

By: Seth Gainey
Football  season is coming to an end, so the team is getting ready to play Ravenswood, hat means Spirit Week will be here soon.
  Spirit week is a celebration where students dress up in numerous outfits throughout the week. This week shows how much school spirit the school and the students have. The themes for the days of the week are as follows:
Monday- Halloween Day
Tuesday- Generation Day
Wednesday-Disney Day
Thursday- Woke Up Like This
Friday- Blue and White Day
  Most students will be participating in spirit week. Most of the students are excited for Spirit Week,  like student council member Izzy Donohew.
 Along with this week, there are some ups and downs.
“There are some dress code issues, distractions in class, and some students don’t focus on their school work,” Principal William Hosaflook stated.
However,  there are some positives to Spirit week.
“I like spirit week. It’s my favorite week, and it shows how everyone has school spirit and is excited for the game,” Donohew said.

Halloween TRUNK-or-TREAT

 By: Brooke Nichols
  Are you ready for that time of year to dress up and hand out candy or take your siblings around to the different houses? Ripley High's members are because on Halloween night Monday, October 31 from 5:00pm- 7:30pm Craig Canterbury organized the third annual night of TRUNK-or-TREAT. Created by FFA members in 2014 to start TRUNK-or-TREAT to send invitations to clubs to dress up and spend time with fellow classmates and families.
  Invitations were sent out to all clubs and sports teams to pre register to hand out candy in the back parking lot of the high school. Each year we have done this we have had a good turn out with the clubs helping out. 6 or 7 clubs usually come out to have some fun.
  Student Emma Corey has handed out candy in the past at TRUNK-or-TREAT and said, “This is a fun way to spend your halloween dressed up with friends and family and I hope we continue to do this because it’s an amazing time”.
  This year you will find FFA, FCCLA, HI Y, Main Street Teens, Choir, Thespians, and the FCA clubs all dressed up and ready to hand out candy.
  BYOBOC “Bring Your Own Bag of Candy” the more we have the better the night will be.
 Canterbury said, “The avenues are the golden jackpot to get the most candy. Then you just circle right over to the high school for more”.
  It’s the perfect opportunity to for everyone to interact with the community that supports us and gives to the students and so much toward the school and clubs and what we do. So this is our night to give back to the community and also have some fun with the friends and family. If you’re in one of these clubs that RSVP in advance dress up and come over and help your club hand out candy we encourage all the help that we can get.
 The 3rd annual TRUNK-or-TREAT this Halloween is gonna be a blast so don’t miss out. Individual students that are apart of a club that received an invitation go grab your costume or come as you are and join the clubs and teachers. As they celebrate Halloween night handing out candy to everyone.

Halloween Horoscopes

By: Anna Sheets

Scorpio – Always looking for adventure and ready to take risks, clowns better stay away from you! Maybe a haunted house would a be a good activity for you thrill seekers this year. If a haunted house isn’t your cup of tea, try a haunted trail or haunted hayride to get your thrills moving. No matter what you choose, it will be wicked!

Sagittarius – Flexible and adaptable, you’re great at helping friends with their last minute costume ideas, but you’ve had yours made since August. Whether you’re going trick-or-treating or just going to a costume party, you and your squad will be killing it this Halloween!  

Capricorn – Generous and warmhearted, friendly and with an ever-present smile, passing out candy to the local kids is where you should be this year. A warm sweater and some apple cider to solidify the fall vibes this time of year if you are looking for an evening in!